The Rest of My Month, Best of My Month

by | Jan 24, 2018 | Blog

You guys. As I write this, there are 7 full days left in January, the first month of 2018.

It’s so easy to start a new year or a new month with amazing intentions and gradually drift from them. Nope! Not me. Not you! Not this year!

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I have decided to make the rest of my month the very best of my month. Care to join me?

Here are 5 things I am doing to absolutely crush the end of my month. Some of these are new-to-me pledges and others are things I do regularly, but the combination will absolutely help me finish the month on a strong note.

I’m going to cook more.
I’m officiallly in my new tiny house and I am going to use this last week of January to step outside of my box with meals. I’m living on Cape Cod now, so I don’t have the same proximity to Whole Foods as I did just a couple weeks ago. I was in the habit of getting most of my meals from the Whole Foods hot bar & salad bar. Though I’m not much of a cook, I’m going to cook every day through the end of January. I actually started this last night and made an amazing dish from FED + fit: chicken carbonara spaghetti squash casserole. I cannot wait to have the leftovers for lunch today! I highly recommend this one.

This won’t be a complicated pursuit. Making bacon & eggs at home counts. This is a better option than the breakfast bowl at the diner down the road I’ve become a fan of.

I’m going to join a yoga studio. 
When I first moved back to New England I started taking hot yoga classes and found them both challenging and peaceful. For months I’ve been thinking about finding another studio and I’m making that happen today.

But of course, joining a studio means very little. Not only will I join, I’ll take 3 yoga classes in this last week of January.

I’ll journal first thing each morning and last thing each night. 
I’m a very consistent journaler but sometimes I’m scrambling to fit it in while I’m pouring a cup of coffee. I’ve moved the location of my journal and I’m going to begin every day with intention and end each day with reflection. This simple habit, for me, is the difference between owning my day and letting my day own me.

I’m saying no to sugar. 
Here’s what’s true for me: I feel my very best when I’m not eating sugar & artificial sweeteners. But, I’ll often turn to a piece of dark chocolate or sometimes to a protein bar. Not this week. I’m going to choose the best fuel for my body to help me finish the month feeling clear & capable!

I’m cleaning out my car. 
After a million trips two and from my new house on Cape Cod, my car is looking a little chaotic. I have cans that need to be deposited and Christmas gifts that need a home. I really believe that the state of the space around me has a huge impact on my mood & mental clarity, so I’m going to clean out & clean my car this weekend.

I know I said 5 things, but as I wrote this, I recognized that I also need to drink more water. This week, I’ll be focusing on drinking at least a few cups of water each day. That’s an improvement for me. There, 6. I’m a rule breaker. 😉

What about you? How can you make the rest of your month the best of your month? Or even the rest of your day the best of your day? The rest of your week the best of your week?

Get clear on what would make you feel your best. It doesn’t have to be 5 things in a week, it could be one. It could be one thing each day.

Whether you started the month strong or not, you can finish strong.

Whether you started the week strong or not, you can finish strong.

Whether you started the day strong or not, you can finish strong.

Make the rest of it the best of it.

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