The Shame Spiral – Time For A Different Approach?

by | Sep 11, 2016 | Blog

We have this terribly inefficient habit: we keep returning to approaches that don’t work.

I want you to really think about this question: do you need a different approach?

For years I would say to myself, “this time will be different” but nothing was different.

The approach was the same. My mindset was the same. I was the same.

The results were the same.

Here’s what the cycle looked like for me:

I’d be sick of myself, sick of my awful choices, sick of my excuses and utterly disgusted by my body.

These negative emotions would fuel a search for a diet.

The more disgusted I was, the higher the sense of urgency for change, the more extreme approach I’d seek.

I’d gather the rules, steel my will and get prepared.

From the first moment, I hated it. Heck, I hated it before it began! I resented the rules, focused almost exclusively on what I was missing out on and how “unfair” it was that some people didn’t have to jump through such crazy hoops to get results or have a body they loved.

As my deprivation and frustration grew, my will crumbled.

The urgency and motivation were replaced with emotional exhaustion and hopelessness.

I’d dive into full-fledged victim mode and turn to the foods that created this shame spiral.

I’d return to the beginning again as soon as I felt like I was suffocating under the weight of my body, guilt and disgust.

Sure, the diets were different and yet, they were exactly the same.

Different rules but same approach. Different days but same flawed thoughts. Same results.

What I was refusing to see, in my fantasy mind, was that the more extreme the approach, the more extreme the cycle. The more extreme the feelings of deprivation and frustration, the more severe the victim response and the more severe my defiance would be.

I was drowning. I was working hard, exhausting myself physically & emotionally but I wasn’t getting anywhere.

I needed a different approach.

Do you?

When I started Primal Potential, it was largely because no one was talking about a different approach. Everyone was talking about these stupid diets that didn’t work for me.

As much as I wanted to embrace deprivation & extremes and soar rapidly to my goals, I was not willing to delude myself anymore. It wasn’t working for me. I couldn’t keep lying and wasting time.

I was wasting my life!

I felt the only reason there were so many reasons for them is because none of them worked and all the suckers out there would continue to need the latest and greatest one because the last one failed!

When I got honest enough to say to myself, “You keep doing the same ineffective things over and over!” I was left with obvious questions.

So if that doesn’t work, what does?

How do I proceed differently? What does that look like? What should I do?

I carved my own path to well over 100 pounds of weight loss.

Then I got obvious questions from others, “How did you do it? What did you do? How do you find what works for you?”

That’s why I created the Fat Loss Fast Track.

I wanted to help people like me in a few different ways:

  • I wanted to help people write their own rules instead of blindly following someone else’s
  • I wanted to help them create a forever plan – something that was sustainable and not overwhelming
  • I wanted to help people build habits, not cheerlead them through short-term deprivation
  • I wanted to address the mental & emotional barriers that often derail our motivation and determination

It has been amazing. It’s been amazing not only for my clients but also for me. I’ve learned more about my body and my own sustainable life-long approach as I help others create theirs.

I can’t count the number of Fat Loss Fast Trackers who tell me it’s the best thing they’ve ever done for their health.

I beam every time one of them realizes, “I’ll never need another diet”.

Sure, weight loss happens. But the biggest wins within the Fat Loss Fast Track are the confidence that comes. The sense of control.

Releasing the emotional obsession over food and diets.

Right now, I’m opening up the last Fat Loss Fast Track of 2016. We will work together for 12-weeks to create YOUR fat loss fast track.

I know you have questions and they’re probably related to “how does it work” and “what can I expect”.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • To improve every single aspect of your life
  • To¬†become more confident
  • To feel like fat loss and healthy food choices are easier than they have ever been
  • To eliminate cravings and enjoy food more
  • To burn fat and see your body change
  • To commit to the journey and trust that results will come
  • To feel happier and more relaxed

I’m not exaggerating. I could go on and on but I won’t.

As for how it works, here’s a quick overview and you can get more details here.

  • We will work on making one small change at a time and evaluating what works & what doesn’t
  • You’ll have one singular focus each week
  • There will be a webinar every week to coach you through implementing the week’s challenge in your unique life
  • You’ll get motivational messages towards the end of each week to help you stay focused and commit to your goals – they’re like mini podcasts just for my Fat Loss Fast Trackers!
  • Share your wins, questions & challenges in our private Facebook community where I’m actively engaged every day and respond to EVERY post (don’t worry if you don’t have Facebook, all the other stuff here happens off Facebook)
  • Weekly workouts for every fitness level (don’t worry, these are totally optional but a fantastic tool when you’re ready!)
  • You’ll get a 12-week journal that coaches you through paying attention to your body, your progress and what’s working for you

Here’s the catch – I do limit the size of the group. This is not a “set it and forget it” program. I want to know you. I want to know what’s going on in your life and how I can help. I want to know your excuses and I want to help you work through them.

I just can’t do that if the group gets too big. So, enrollment is on a first-come-first-served basis and once we’re full, I’ll shut it down until 2017.

Our official kick-off date is October 2nd but we’re enrolling now! You can get all the details and reserve your spot here.

I’ll leave you with a thought one of my Fat Loss Fast Trackers sent me recently:

Also I’ll never forget Paulo Coelho’s quote “Discipline and freedom are not mutual exclusive, but mutually dependent. Otherwise you’d sink into chaos”
I look at “spontaneity” and being “fun” so differently now…when you practice discipline you get to live an unencumbered life in an unencumbered body!

I hope you’ll join me to create your unencumbered life & body! You deserve it! Now is OUR time!

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