Is Social Media Keeping You Fat?

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Blog

I posted a powerful video on the Primal Potential Facebook page yesterday. It has nothing to do with weight loss and yet, I think it has almost everything to do with weight loss.

I really hope you’ll take 3:30 to watch this short video because it’s absolutely worth it.

In fact, I think it points to a connection between social media and obesity.

The video talks about how disconnected we’ve become from real life & how social media and virtual relationships have undercut truly being social and fostering meaningful relationships.

Here’s what I think:

We have a hard time making good decisions in the moment because we’re routinely NOT in the moment.

We’re distracted. We’re detached. We’re distracted & detached from others but, more importantly, from ourselves.

This allows us to avoid the consequences of our decisions in the heat of the moment.

We have a hard time prioritizing our health because we’re disconnected from ourselves.

When we spend more time in real life, more time connecting with real people, I believe we become more connected to ourselves.

When we are more connected to ourselves and our real lives instead of the lives of those we watch through the media, we are more mindful of our choices and their consequences.

I’d love to know: does this video make you want to make any changes? If so, what change will you make?

I shared on Facebook that I’m planning to leave my phone in the car when I go into stores or the gym so I can pay more attention to the people around me. I’m also instituting a tech-curfew for myself.

What about you?

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