Stale Dreams

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Blog

Last spring, I had a blast spending a relaxing weekend with the Primal Potential Masters Club. One of the fun things we did was a book swap. We each brought a book we loved – fiction or non fiction – and we drew numbers to choose the one we wanted. It was like a Yankee swap, but with our favorite books. For a book nerd like me, it was the best thing ever!

I went home with a book of thoughts and poetry called Heart Talk by Cleo Wade.

One of her short passages about procrastination really inspired me and gave me a new perspective on delay:

Don’t allow the energy of procrastination to create a staleness surrounding your dreams

Think about that. Procrastination isn’t just about waiting. It’s not just about delay and putting things off. Procrastination makes your dreams stale.

Putting off until tomorrow what you could (or should) do today takes the air out of the balloon of your goals and dreams. It extinguishes your enthusiasm and excitement.

Just for today, make no excuses. Don’t put off action towards your goals. Do anything and everything you can in order to move forward.

Procrastination makes your dreams become stale. Don’t wait! Do all you can do today!

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