Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

by | Oct 31, 2014 | Blog, Mindset

I think you’re limiting yourself. I think you might be sabotaging your weight loss. I think you’ve unfairly capped your potential. I’ve done this too and it kept me fat and unhappy for most of my life.  When we were kids, we were fortunate enough to believe we could be anything. From a princess to a doctor or an astronaut, nothing was off limits. We grow up, we get comfortable, and we accept our current position as our maximum ambition. Let’s remove those limitations, ok?

I spent years believing I would never overcome my weight struggles. I had failed so many times that I felt I should try to accept that I would always be overweight and try to find some sort of happiness with that. I’m so glad I wasn’t able to get there. Not only do I believe that I will conquer my weight struggles, I believe that I can achieve any level of fitness to which I aspire. If I decide that I want to have a 6-pack, I know I can work hard enough to have it. If I decide that my goal is 15% body fat, I have no doubt that I can make that happen.

For a long time I thought I needed to work for someone else. It was relatively secure and that was important because, well, I have bills to pay. I figured I’d always be working my way through paying off student loans and I probably wouldn’t ever have the financial means of my dreams because, after all, it’s not like I’m a hot shot lawyer or coming into some major inheritance.  I removed those limitations, too. I worked hard, I stayed disciplined and managed to pay off well over $100,000 in debt in under two years. Once free of all those obligations and limitations, I started to convince myself that I am just as capable, and probably more, as most of the business owners in this country. I would think about the hundreds of businesses I drive by every day. Someone owns them. All of those “someones” aren’t smarter, harder working, or more disciplined than I am.  So I left my job and started my own business.

What limitations have you put on yourself? Have you convinced yourself that you’ll always be “a big girl”? Have you lied to yourself enough that you believe you’d rather overindulge in cherry pie and pizza than harness some discipline and feel healthy, strong, sexy and proud? Just for fun, sit down with a piece of paper and write down the things you’d like to be or have if there were no limitations on you or your resources. I bet that the majority of them ARE possible if you’re willing to do the work. And let me say this about doing the work: it’s worth it.

Every single day do at least one thing that will help you advance towards your goals. Figure out how and why you’ve convinced yourself that you can’t have it and be on guard against those types of thoughts. Not only are they lies but they aren’t serving you. You get to choose who you are. You get to choose what type of life you live. You get to choose the state of the body you live in. Choose wisely.

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