Strong with Purpose, Light at Heart

by | Feb 14, 2017 | Blog

Someday soon I’ll be getting a new tattoo. It will be a small feather to remind me of how I want to be:

Strong with purpose and light at heart.

That’s what the feather means to me.

Several months ago I had a bit of a revelation.

I think that much of the excess physical weight we carry is merely a physical manifestation of an emotional problem:

Carrying too much baggage.

Carrying burdens that aren’t ours to carry.

Getting upset over other people’s choices or words. Emotionally investing ourselves in situations that aren’t our business. Carrying around the past and future instead of joyfully enjoying the present.

The feather reminds me to travel light.

The feather reminds me to not pick up burdens that aren’t mine to carry.

The feather reminds me that I don’t need to carry my past as I forge through my present.

Travel light.

Strong with purpose, light at heart.

This message is so important to me that I made a new mug with that very message on it.

Now I can begin each day with this powerful reminder.

I am strong with purpose.

I am light at heart.

I find thin slices of joy in each day as I act with purpose and determination.

You can get the mug, too, if you’d like! It’s 15 ounces so it’ll hold a lotta coffee – I’m smart like that. 🙂

strong with purpose light at heartstrong with purpose light at heart



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