Terror & Perspective

by | Oct 2, 2017 | Blog

I woke up to the news of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. I had planned to be in Vegas for a conference this weekend.

Because I’m freezing my eggs, I had to change my plans to accomodate my doctor appointments.

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Everything stops when you hear about such a shocking tragedy. We watch the 24 hour news coverage and chat about it with our friends & family.

Unfortunately, for most of us, things only stop for about a day. Then we’re back to bitching about traffic and snapping at our loved ones.

How about we change that? We seriously need to change it.

How about those of us who are lucky enough to have escaped such a tragic night actually act like we’re glad to be alive? Like we’re grateful for each day & everything in it?

How about we work to be more joyful, grateful & peaceful?

That’s what I’m going to try to do.

This morning I asked myself, how can I choose to use this for good?

I can use it as a reminder to be kind – genuinely kind – to my loved ones, to strangers and to myself. Genuinely kind.

I can use it as a reminder to live my best life, not a life of excuses & exceptions.

I can use it as a reminder to be brave & strong.

Then I have to ask myself, how can I do this today?

I can refuse to be annoyed by small frustrations.

I can be brave when I get my blood drawn & brave when I give myself my injections.

I can smile & say hello to stangers.

I can be kind to the customer service reps who often aggravate me.

I choose to be positively impacted by this tragedy.

I choose to make positivity louder.

I did get a workout in on Sunday but I didn’t today. I’ll tell you – these hormones are doing a number on me. I feel thick, heavy and my boobs have definitely gotten bigger! I said to someone yesterday, “This top makes my boobs look huge!” He responded, “Your hormone injections make your boobs actually huge. It’s not the shirt. It’s the hormones.”

I had a doctor appointment during my normal workout window today and afterwards I just didn’t feel well enough to do much other than work & rest. I did go for a walk, but no weights & no intensity.

On the food front:

Yay for my cabbage salad bowl! I took a quick trip this weekend so I didn’t get my normal brunch and I missed it! It was the basic standard: cabbage, egg, bacon, walnuts and a little bit of Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo.

A few hours later I snacked on some leftover rotisserie chicken with goat cheese.

Dinner was, as usual, very simple: steak & eggs.

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