The HUGE Mistake Most Of Us Make…

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Blog

One of the books I enjoyed most in 2015 was Finding Meaning In The Second Half of Life by James Hollis.

He very directly addresses one of the most common and destructive mistakes we all make.

“We flee solitude, the only serious treatment for loneliness.

We avoid dialogue with ourselves, the only person present in all scenes of our drama.

We dismiss dreams, the ongoing commentary offered by the self, as to just how things are going and how they might be better.

We ignore our history, with its many clues as to the autonomous agents that are making those self-defeating patterns for us”

This quote reminds me of a documentary-ish thing I was watching on CNN last week. It was about heroin addiction. The young man who battled addiction commented that addiction is the only cell where the key is on the inside.

This is so precisely true of our battles with weight and food.

You will not find the answer in someone’s blog or podcast, including mine. You will not find the answer in a meal plan, food list or detox.

YOU have all the answers, when you’re ready to stop running from them, stop numbing them & start embracing them.

It kinda sucks in the doing, I won’t lie. But freedom ONLY comes from facing those truths that we try to deny, ignore and avoid.

This is what I try to teach my clients. This is what I am teaching in Breaking Barriers.

I want to help you find the answers in your history. I want to help you find the barriers in your thoughts.

More than anything, I will help you overcome them & transform, if you’ll let me.

I think you’re probably ready to stop the exhausting cycle of trying & failing, wishing but not consistently doing the work. It’s perfect, really, because that is what Breaking Barriers will help you do. Starting now.

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