The Universal Success Step

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Blog

The other day I heard the very best universal solution to almost every problem.
I was reading the book “How to Write Like Tolstoy” and the author tells a story about the brother of a famous playwrite.
The young brother was an aspiring, struggling writer who routinely went to his successful sibling for edits & advice.
The famous playwrite always had the same advice for his brother:
Abridge! Abridge!
Okay. Where am I going with this? How is that related to universal success?
Abridge means: shorten without losing the sense; curtail.
When we are struggling in any way, we can benefit from simplifying/shortening/abridging.
We can simplify the narrative in our heads.
We can edit out the drama. We can remove the excuses & emotion.
We can cut back on the description of the problem and get more quickly to the solution.
We can cut down our list of potential outcomes and get to work on just ONE.
No matter the problem, I think we can all benefit from this universal advice: abridge! Abridge!

Speaking of shortening…today’s daily blog is absolutely abbreviated because my airport wifi is being less than cooperative!

See you tomorrow!

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