There Actually *Is* a Shortcut

by | Jan 27, 2019 | Blog

You’ve probably heard me say that there are no shortcuts. When it comes to nutrition and fitness, I absolutely stand by that. In fact, nutrition and fitness “shortcuts” are usually big mistakes – paths to unsustainable progress and undoing whatever results you worked hard to create. 

But, I believe there are a couple shortcuts to creating big changes in your life. In fact, I’m sure of it.

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If you’re like me, your attempts to learn, change and grow are tenuously mixed into the frenzy of a very full life. 

When you make time to listen to a podcast, journal, or do absolutely anything to work on yourself, there’s a flurry of other things competing for your time and attention. You’re keeping an eye on the time because you have somewhere to be. You’re warding off incessant thoughts about the hundred other things on your day’s list. The phone rings. Your kid wants a snack. 

There are 1,000 things competing for your attention at any given moment. I get it. It makes creating change harder and it makes progress take longer.

If we think of your path from where you are to where you want to be as an interstate highway, components of your daily life have you stopping, starting, taking detours and bathroom breaks every few feet. It can get frustrating. 

That’s why finding & creating opportunities to step away from the distractions and obligations of daily life – even just once a year – can be an invaluable short cut. 

It’s one of the primary reasons that I hosted ASCEND – a Primal Potential weekend workshop – in both 2016 and 2017. 

I realized that our personal lives are a lot like running a business. As a business owner, I can get so bound up working IN my business – getting through the hustle of day to day life – that I don’t have time to truly work ON my business – to do the things that will take it to the next level.

When we create time to step away and work ON our lives instead of just IN them, it’s nothing short of transformational. 

It’s one of the single most powerful shortcuts to improving your life and dramatically accelerating progress toward your goals. That’s why ASCEND is so important to me and so powerful for the people who come.

Unfortunately, I didn’t host ASCEND in 2018 because I needed to make Chasing Cupcakes a priority. 

But! In 2019, ASCEND is back and better than ever! I’m sure you have a million questions about the schedule, price and everything in between but for today, I have only two things for you: 

The date & a wait list. 

ASCEND will be November 8-10 2019 in Portland, Oregon! Ticket information is not yet available, so thank you for refraining from questions about the agenda, tickets and pricing because those details aren’t yet available. 

Please save the date! Put it on your calendar! 

If you want to be notified as more information becomes available about ticket options, pricing and a loose agenda, please make sure to get on the wait list over on the Work With Me page of my website. I’ll be sending out more information soon, including thoughts and experiences of people who have been to ASCEND in the past. 

Once again: pricing and ticket information is not yet available so if you have those questions, the very best thing you can do is put the dates on your calendar and get on the wait list! 

I would LOVE the opportunity to spend the weekend with you in November!

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