Video Blog! 2015 Fat Loss Coaching!

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Blog, Fat loss

I’m so excited!!! I’ll be taking on a very small group of women for one-on-one fat loss coaching in 2015! This is totally different from every other program out there! Why? Because it is TOTALLY based on YOU and your unique needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all program or plan. I will be working VERY closely with these women for a full year. We will create a CUSTOMIZED game plan every single week based on your preferences, your lifestyle, your goals and your pace. We will talk on the phone every single week. You will have unlimited email access to me. I want you to reach out when you’re struggling, stuck, have questions, need a friend or have something to celebrate! You will get regular motivational and informational emails and we’ll have 2 webinars each month. I’ve created customized tools to help you track your progress so we can perfect your approach as we go. It is going to be absolutely incredible and I cannot wait! This is not about dieting. It is not about restricting or being hungry. Its about overcoming your emotional eating. Tackling the root of your weight issue. Balancing out your metabolic hormones. Conquering your goals. Transforming your life. I’ll be taking applications through December 10th and notifying all applicants by December 15th and we’ll kick this thing off on January 5th! For all the program details, click here. Get your application in before the 10th!!!!!



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