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by | Feb 3, 2016 | Blog

Even though I’m bringing back the “What I Ate Yesterday” segments of the podcast (by popular demand), you guys feel these “What I Ate Wednesday” posts are helpful so I want to make sure to fit them in more often!

During the summer I had gotten away from bulletproof coffee in favor of cold brew just because I preferred cold coffee in the am. But, now that the weather is chilly, bulletproof is back! I spiced it up a bit this morning with raw cacao powder and a raw egg yolk. No, you can’t taste the egg. (If you have questions about BP coffee or MCT oil, I’ve written or podcasted about it here, here and here).

bulletproof coffee

I worked out around 8:30AM and today’s rowing & airdyne work totally kicked my tail. It took me a while to feel like eating after that. When I was ready, I wanted to keep it simple since I was in my full work-swing. I stuffed half an avocado with about a half cup of kimchee. Kimchee (sometimes spelled kimchi) is wonderful for bacterial balance and I happen to think it tastes great, too! Gotta eat those foods I love that love me back! Another reason I like kimchee is because I try to ensure that I eat some of my cruciferous veggies raw each day.

Without totally geeking out (though I love that), cruciferous veggies have a super powerful component called isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates (ITCs) are cellular super-heroes and they are formed by an enzyme called myrosinase. Unfortunately, the myrosinase activity can be significantly reduced during the cooking process. Since I knew I would be cooking my brussels sprouts at dinner, I wanted to fit in some kimchee during the day.

One of the other ways I enjoy my veggies raw is my favorite fat loss brunch – my massive bowl of cabbage, eggs, bacon & avocado.

If you feel like diving into why cruciferous veggies rock for health & fat loss, you can read more about it here.


I started dinner earlier than normal & it was a pretty big meal! I had a big plate of brussels sprouts and a bowl of my homemade chicken bone broth. I shared the benefits of bone broth & the recipe on the blog earlier this week so don’t miss that!

brussels sprouts and bone broth

If I’m super hungry after dinner sometimes I’ll have a handful of walnuts or a spoonful of almond butter but more often than not I remind myself that my body doesn’t need more fuel & sip on hot tea and get to bed early. For me, sleep is magical. Like a unicorn, but way better. 😉

If these meals aren’t your jam, don’t sweat it! I’ve put together 100 fat loss meal ideas for you, plus more than 30 awesome recipes! You can get them for free when you hop on the Primal Potential VIP email list!

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