What I Ate Wednesday {WIAW}

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Blog

Many of you found my last WIAW post helpful so I thought I’d do another one. Do you guys enjoy these? Would you like to see more of them on the blog? Lemme know! You know I kinda like you guys and want to give you what you want!

Breakfast was modified bulletproof coffee. Now, let me be clear that there is NOTHING “magical” about bulletproof coffee. It is not the magic fat loss bullet. If you love it, if it satisfies your hunger & increases your energy while moving you towards your fat loss goals – go for it. I happen to really love it because it’s tasty and keeps my hunger at bay for many hours. But you can have fantastic fat loss results with chia seed pudding, bacon & eggs, frittatas, etc. This is just a breakfast that really works for me. I did an entire podcast episode on bulletproof coffee so be sure to check that out if you wanna know more.  In this cup: Kicking Horse coffee blended with MCT oil, Kerrygold grass fed butter, 1 raw egg yolk and a tablespoon of raw cacao. I find that it is easiest to blend with an immersion blender to avoid having to temper the glass blender with hot water.

IMG_0453 2

Around lunch time I was craving brussels sprouts but didn’t have any leftover meat so I decided to throw in a couple eggs and a slice of bacon. I chopped up a bag of brussels sprouts and sauteed them in the bacon fat before added three eggs. I stir around the yolk (without breaking it) so that the whites cook but the yolk stays a little runny. You could easily just mix it all up like a stir-fry to make it a bit easier/faster.


I felt the need to snack mid-afternoon so I had a small handful (about 10) macadamia nuts. Gotta be careful with nuts because I can easily overdo it and mindlessly munch for 20-30 minutes. No bueno. I portion out a serving and move right along.

Dinner was the all-star meal. I made Everyday Paleo’s chili verde and served it over mashed cauliflower. The chili was a bit time intensive (more than usual for me) but it will easily make enough for several meals and I love that. Leftovers are key! To mash my cauli I just steam up the florets from 1-2 heads and when they are tender enough to be split with a fork I drain the water, add a couple tbsp of butter and blend with my immersion blender. Add a bit of salt and voila! So yum.


I didn’t eat anything after dinner because I was totally satisfied but I did enjoy a cup of blood orange tea with unsweetened almond milk. Sometimes I want something sweet or creamy after dinner but I know my body doesn’t need more food. Tea is a pretty standard go-to for me.

I really want to emphasize that eating for fat loss SHOULD NOT mean being hungry all the time or eating foods you don’t love. I always choose foods I really enjoy and look forward to eating. I don’t spend hours in the kitchen and I rarely experience hunger. Focus on finding whole foods you love and really be mindful and present during your meals.

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