When Change Feels Hard

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Blog

Yes, there are moments (many millions of moments) when change feels very, very hard. I know. I feel it too. But I need you to know: that’s just a feeling and you can change it. You can make change easier. You can make it easier right now.

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If change feels hard, it’s because you’re talking yourself into what makes it hard. You’re convincing yourself it’s hard. You’ve taken that perspective and continue to build a case for it being hard.

To make that case, you think about your past failures. You focus on all the temptations you must resist. You consider how far you have to go and all the work required to move from where you are to where you want to be.

From that perspective, it definitely appears to be hard!

What that perspective overlooks is the irrefutable fact that change happens one choice at a time. The only time it’s possible to make a choice is in the present moment. You can’t change yesterday’s choices or take action on something in the future. The past and the future have nothing to do with creating change – they can only distract, frustrate and overwhelm you.

One choice at a time.

That’s how change happens.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or you’re convincing yourself that change feels hard, I want you to shift your attention to this very simple redirect:

Do I have one good choice in me?

What is it?

What’s my next great choice?

What am I able and willing to do today to make progress?

Keep it simple.

Stop convincing yourself that change is hard and start focusing on one small choice you can make now or next.

You are always just a few great choices away from feeling better and all you have to do is execute one at a time.


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