Q&A 26: Why You Haven’t Done It Yet

Sep 5, 2015

I recently wrote a blog post about why you haven’t made progress yet and it generated a lot of discussion and a whole bunch of practical questions. In today’s episode, we’re diving a little deeper into that blog post to answer questions and provide support in finding out why you haven’t done it yet. Why you haven’t lost weight. Why you haven’t changed your eating habits. Why you haven’t been consistent. And more importantly, we’ll help you take the steps you need to make those changes and start consistently getting results!

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Why You Haven’t Done It Yet!

  1. You’re too comfortable
  2. You’re focused on the wrong thing
  3. You’re more committed to defending than to fixing
  4. You think the “little things” don’t matter

We’ll discuss specific strategies for overcoming each of these roadblocks so you can start getting consistent results and reduce your frustration once and for all!


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