549: Workshop For Creating Change In 2019

Dec 31, 2018

It’s the final episode of 2018 and today I’m sharing my process of reflecting on the past year and creating priorities and plans for the one to come. A year-end review is something I’ve come to love and enjoy at the end of every year. In fact, I’ve been doing a month-end review for the last several months and I absolutely plan to continue.

Join me today to not only hear the structure I follow in these reviews, but also for my reflection on 2018 and my personal and professional plans for the new year!

Before we dive into the episode: today I shared an opportunity for you to take a sneak peak inside the winter 12 Weeks to Transformation! While the podcast is mostly about information and strategy, the 12 WT is all about action. It’s about getting off the sidelines, into the game, and returning to action every day. In addition to weekly challenges, a guided daily journal, a private Facebook group and weekly live Q&As, I also share short daily coaching audio messages to help you return to your intentions each day, no matter what’s going on in your life. Want to experience 5 days of those short coaching messages? Share your email address here and you’ll get coaching messages right to your inbox for the next 5 days!

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Questions from Today’s Episode: 

  • Reflecting on the past:
    • What am I proud of?
    • What should I be celebrating?
    • What did I accomplish or achieve?
    • What went well?
    • What did I learn?
    • What improvements did I make?
    • What relationships did I strengthen?
  • Reflecting on what’s to come:
    • What do I want that I don’t yet have?
    • What can I let go of that’s no longer serving me?
    • What’s been holding me back?
    • What is most important to me? Am I acting like it?
    • How can I think bigger?
    • If I wasn’t “playing it safe”, what would I want for my life?
    • If everything was possible, what would I go after?
    • What needs to change?
    • How can I make it more fun?
    • How can I use this to build relationships & add connection?
    • How will I keep these ideas top of mind for the weeks and months to come?


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