Worry, Fear & What I’m Missing

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Blog

Today I shared a powerful article written by an author I love: Ryan Holiday. If you haven’t read The Obstacle Is The Way, add it to your list!

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The part of the article that resonated with me most was this question:

What am I missing by choosing to worry or be afraid?

First, I love that he reminds us that worrying is a choice. Sure, our minds might wander to worry or fear, but we fuel it with thought & attention. We can also make a choice to redirect our thoughts & attention away from worry & fear.

More than that, when we allow our attention to reside with worry or fear, what are we missing?

He writes, “another way of putting it: Does getting upset provide you with more options?

Most certainly not. In fact, it probably limits not only our options but our likelihood of taking action to overcome or mitigate what we’re worried about.

What is the price you’re paying for worry?

What is it keeping you from recognizing or doing?

I practice this regularly related to running a business.

It’s easy to get distracted by worries or fear of the future. However, when I do that, I’m not taking advantage of the opportunities that exist in that moment to take action and create the outcomes I want.

When I focus on fear or worry, I’m not looking for the opportunities that exist to move beyond my fears.

What is your fear costing you & what can you do about it?

Another day of making workouts work at home. Intensity is significantly lower due to my body changing as a result of my hormone injections (I’m in the home stretch). While reading I did a moderate-intensity 1 hour bike ride followed by dumbbell strict press and walking lunges. It felt good to move without the intensity.

On the food front:

I was feeling sick this morning (hormones) so I sipped on coffee and water until meeting up with family for lunch. By then I was feeling pretty hungry.

I ordered grilled swordfish & it came with roasted cauliflower.

My mom brought me a bunch of chicken soup (sans noodles or rice) and I sipped on that for dinner.

Here’s to choices that make you feel your very best!

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