Year of Push 2.10 The Only Problem Food Solves Is Hunger

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Blog

I am determined to be happy today. It’s a choice I am making.

Happy by choice looks like this for me today:

  • Getting an iced coffee before my pedicure
  • Listening to great music while I drive (instead of a book or podcast)
  • Taking myself out to lunch
  • Wearing an outfit that makes me feel cute & feminine
  • Being patient & grateful while dealing with a banking issue – it’s not a crisis unless I get dramatic & impatient.

I got up around 5am to grind through some work before heading to the gym for an earlier-than-normal workout.

I’m headed out of town today and needed to get it in!

It was a solid workout.

4 Rounds:
21/18 Calorie Bike
18 Thrusters (65/45#) (Not sure what a thruster is? Here you go.)
15 Pull-ups

Thrusters at 45 lbs are pretty light for me, but 18 unbroken in a metabolic workout gets spicy.

I was determined to do all 4 rounds unbroken on the thrusters, and I did, so I feel good about that.

After the workout I did some solo work on my toes-to-bar.

I am ABSOLUTELY feeling stronger and more efficient in my workouts. Yay for that!

On the food front:

Today is a weird day. I have to be in Boston for a meeting, then Cape Cod then NYC. All today. I’m writing this post before I hit the road and I’m not entirely sure what the day will bring from a food standpoint.

I will, however, tell you the plan.

I won’t eat before lunch because I’m not too hungry and I’ll be sitting on my butt for most of the day.

I’m stopping by Chipotle (yes, again) on my way to Boston and I know for sure what I’ll order there:

  • Salad
  • No rice, no beans
  • Chicken
  • Pico & guac

My plan is to grab a small bag of almonds or cashews to have on hand during my Boston meeting (though I’ll be honest, I don’t need them). I could absolutely get by with just lunch and dinner, but I’ll likely snack on some nuts because I feel like it.

Though I’m not entirely sure, I think I’ll have an early dinner on the Cape before heading out to NYC. I can assure you that it will be a light meal since I’ll be completely sedentary from dinner until bedtime and I hate traveling with a full stomach.

Maybe a salad, maybe just raw veggies and a protein bar from a grocery store. We will see what the day brings.

As you go into the holiday weekend and many of us will be surrounded by food, I want you to think about what you’ll choose to fill you up.

Sometimes, we turn to food to fill us because it’s convenient and familiar.

However, that’s not what we want to be filled with.

Maybe we need to fill ourselves with rest or connection. Maybe we need to fill ourselves with laughter and adventure. Maybe we need to fill ourselves with patience & gratitude.

You would fail fast if you filled yourself with sand when what you needed was water. 

Please, be mindful to not do that with food.

The only problem food solves is hunger.

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