Year of Push 2.15 I Believe I Can Fly (Literally)

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Blog

Oh boy. I feel (almost) like a new woman today!

I shared yesterday that while under the weather, I went two full days without drinking ANY coffee. That has NEVER happened since I started drinking coffee 10+ years ago. Never. Ever.

Today I woke up feeling better (despite not sleeping well last night) and went to Starbucks. I bought two venti Americanos and drove home to drink them while I grinding through some work.

I was feeling prettttty wired after the first one, so of course I drank the second one.

Halfway through the second one, I was pretty well convinced that I’m a super hero. I glanced up at my book case and thought, “I totally get how people can see through things. I might have x-ray vision right now. In fact, I believe I can fly. With only partial effort.”

I danced like a strung-out muppet, while driving, all the way to gym.

My girl Ella from On Air with Ella texted me:

That was right after my workout. I walked into the gym and after taking it easy yesterday, my coach said, “Hey! How are you feeling?”

I proceeded to explain the above situation at the speed of a Micromachines commerical. If you aren’t familiar with the 80s and 90s Micromachines commericals, you’ll enjoy a laugh (or at least a smile) by watching.

I was ready to crush my workout and I feel like I did!

Push Jerks (95/65) (This is a push jerk, if you’re unsure)

I used 75 lbs for the push jerks, which was challenging in just the right way, especially since I’m a little sore from yesterday’s bench press.

I definitely wanted to take breaks and catch my breath, but it’s such a fast-paced workout I told myself to keep pushing, not stop and leave it all on the floor.

100% effort today! Yeah!

On the food front:

I avoid dairy most of the time. I can handle it in small doses but that’s about it. I used to consume dairy (cheese, cream, yogurt) daily but now I maybe have it a couple times a month.

Today was one of those days. Here’s why:

a) it sounded good and most things still don’t sound good to my recovering tummy

b) I’ve eaten so little over the past few days that I wanted a palatable way to get in a solid amount of energy

Here’s what I did: I got a small container of hormone free greek yogurt & added a small amount of cacao powder, a small handful of cashews & a tablespoon of dried cranberries.

Oh it was goooooood. This is for sure not something I’ll eat every day or even once a month, but it made me happy today!

And that was my post-workout lunch.

Around 6pm I made dinner: a stirfry of cauliflower rice with ground turkey, tomatoes, garlic and spinach. The simple 4-step process for this 10-minute meal will be up on my Instagram stories for the next 24-hours.

Since I didn’t sleep well last night, I’m making sure to have some magnesium before bed, mixed with water & a little bit of apple cider vinegar.

Here’s to sweet dreams and a wonderful weekend! I’m off to the beach but I’ll be back for an update on Monday!

PS: If you’re new to these posts, listen to this podcast episode to get the scoop on what changes I’m making in my life and you can start back at my first daily post here.

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