Year of Push 2.19 Handling Hunger & PMS

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Blog

I am hungry today. I am eating more today.

Beautifully simple, eh?

I know, I know – it’s not always that simple. Managing hunger can be a tricky thing.

Managing hunger and PMS can be even trickier.

Sometimes our hunger makes sense – there’s a legit reason for it. Other times, it seems random & untrustworthy.

Maybe we’re really just bored, tired, thirsty or thinking about food. Maybe we can’t think of a single reason for our hunger.

Here’s what I know to be true:

The more you pay attention to your body, the easier it is to figure this out.

Unfortunately, most people pay far more attention to Facebook or CandyCrush than to their own bodies.

I can’t tell you how many people are frustrated that they don’t understand their bodies but they spend very little (or no) time, attention & consistency working to figure it out.

They aren’t paying attention. They aren’t doing the work.

Without fail, when my clients tell me that something is hard or they don’t understand, I’ll ask them: So, what are you doing about it? And with what consistency? And for how long now?

I know the difference between hunger that will fade and hunger that needs a response. And, if I’m not sure, I wait. I pay attention. Then I learn.

I’m consistent. I don’t make excuses. I am always paying attention to my body because it matters.

I know that life & fat loss are easier when I pay attention to my body.

I know it’s really not that hard to pay attention; it’s a discipline.

It’s a discipline that has nothing but upside. Nothing but wins. I like to win.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day & we make time for what matters.

My health matters.

On the food front:

I woke up around 5:15am and jumped right into my morning routine.

Around 8:15am I was feeling pretty hungry, so I ate.

When I think about it, today’s hunger makes sense.

First and most obviously: it’s day 24 of my cycle so I’m within a week of starting my period. I get more hungry the week before my period.

How do I adjust? I eat more protein and vegetables.

Secondly, last week I was pretty sick and didn’t eat much. Though I’ve been feeling better for several days now, it makes sense to have some compensatory hunger.

Lastly, I worked out twice yesterday when I normally only workout once.

Ergo: I had two chicken cakes from Paleo Power Meals this morning before my workout.

(This also sheds light on why I had two servings of the coconut chicken strips yesterday)

After my workout, around 2pm, I had another Paleo Power Meals speciality:

Steak frites – steak strips with a few sweet potato fries. I only had about half the fries that come with the meal because I was satisfied by the first few & know my body doesn’t need the extra starch. Extra protein & veggies: yes. Extra starch? Nope.

Oh yeah dinner! I had to come back in to add that because I forgot!

I didn’t forget to eat, just forgot to write it in here!

I had I piece of coconut crusted chicken (leftover from yesterday) and 2 cups of Greek yogurt with cacao & a little stevia. I don’t do dairy too often, but I really enjoy it every once in a while!

I really loved today’s workout – it was totally in my wheelhouse and I’m feeling much more energetic today than I was yesterday. It’s funny how a low day in the gym can be followed with such a high one. Super important to remember! Don’t get hung up on peaks or the valleys!

“Bumper Boats”
3 Rounds:
500m Row
25 Sit-ups
20 Strict Presses (75/55)
15 Deadlifts (205/145)

So for this workout, you’re doing each of these moves in sequence and then repeating the entire sequence 3 times, going as fast as  you can.

The sit-ups and strict presses allow you to catch your breath coming off the rower and 15 deadlifts gets your heart rate up again before hopping back on the rower.

After yesterday’s tough day in the gym, I was excited to just be competing against myself today, regardless of who was doing the workout near me.

I’m not competing, I’m training.

I have to say, I am really proud of today’s workout. I had put in extra time last night working on my row efficiency & it paid off today.

During the sit-ups, I was telling myself “with each movement, with each muscle contraction, I am getting fitter!”

I was imagining myself feeling strong & confident on the beach this summer.

I was reminding myself that my focus during the workout could help me or hurt me and I’m determined to be on my own team.

Positive vibes only!

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