Year of Push 4.13 Every Time You Settle

by | Jul 13, 2017 | Blog

Every time you settle, you get exactly what you settle for.

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If you settle for less than your best, you get less than your best. You live less than your best. You have less than your best.

If you settle for a choice that isn’t aligned with your goals, you don’t make progress towards  your goals.

I’ve talked a lot recently about creating a framework for decision making. This is another example of that.

As you consider two different choices, consider the outcome of the choice and ask yourself if it’s what you want to settle for.

For example, if overindulging (again) keeps you from making progress, it’s that what you want to settle for? Not making progress?

If skipping a workout keeps you in a pattern of laziness and not doing the work, is that what you want to settle for? Being lazy & not doing the work?

Now don’t get it twisted. I am NOT saying that skipping a workout makes you lazy. I’m asking you to look at patterns of behavior that reflect ways in which you settle. Is it what you want to settle for?

As for me: I’m done settling.

I’m done settling for a body that doesn’t reflect my best health.

I’m done settling for relationships that aren’t what I deserve.

I’m just done settling.

I don’t want an average, comfortable life. I want the best life I am capable of creating.

And that creation? It happens choice by choice.

Is that a mandate for perfection? Noooooo. You can choose to see it that way, but I don’t recommend it. It’s simply not settling. Ever.

Every time you settle, you get what you settle for.

Today’s workout was a series of 40 second sprints with 20 seconds of rest.


It was 16 total minutes of work broken down like this:

4 x 40 seconds on 20 seconds off on airdyne bike

4 x 40 seconds on 20 seconds off wreck bag to shoulder

4 x 40 seconds on 20 seconds off on airdyne bike

4 x 40 seconds on 20 seconds off wreck bag to shoulder.

I was feeling pretty sore from all the push-ups yesterday so this one felt harder than I thought it would.

On the food front:

Before my am workout I had a couple bites of cheese that were left over from last night’s birthday dinner.

Shortly after the workout I had a cobb salad and lunch was grilled chicken with brussels sprouts.

Dinner has to be early again due to conference calls in the pm and I’ll be having chicken & broccoli with cauliflower rice from Paleo Power Meals.

If you want to give Paleo Power Meals a try and they deliver in your area, use the coupon code ebprimal20 to save 20% on your first order.

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