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Well, today didn’t start quite as I intended…

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My early-morning was great. I was up by 4:30 and had a great morning of work & reading. By 6:55a I was out the door for the gym and I had a great workout.

I had some knee pain during the workout, but it wasn’t as bad as it’s been so I pushed through. After cooling down, the pain got quite a bit worse. Fortunately, I was headed to see my chiropractor right afterwards. (If you’re in the Boston area and want an incredible chiropractor, it’s Dr. Chad Messina. He works on some of the world’s best athletes and he’s incredible.)

Not the news I hoped to hear…

I’m sidelined. No bearing weight on my right leg for two weeks & then we’ll re-assess. It’s actually more than that – he doesn’t want me contracting my right quad. So that means biking is out, rowing is out, burpees, jumping, any lifts that require me to be on my feet.

He wants me on crutches for the next two weeks, keeping weight off my right leg as much as humanly possible.

When he finished making his case I said, “What does that mean for CrossFit?” hoping he’d give me a list of things I could still do.

In his wisdom he said, “I don’t care about CrossFit. It’ll be there when you’re better.”

Now, he does care about CrossFit and is himself a great CrossFit athlete but his point really hit home with me.

I immediately started considering one of my go-to reframing questions, “If this could be for me, how would it be so?” Basically, if being sidelined for two weeks could be in my very best interest, if it could be a good thing, how would that be the case?

  • I can work on gymnastic movements like pull-ups and toes-to-bar
  • I can incorporate more fasting protocols, which I love but don’t do much of because of my workout intensity
  • I can find a pool and do some swimming, which I love but rarely make time for because my CrossFit workouts take up the available time I have daily for working out
  • Allowing myself to heal will make my workouts even better when I get back to them
  • I’m catching the injury (hopefully) before it’s a serious issue requiring surgery and a much longer recovery

By the time I got my car I was thinking, “This actually is a good thing!”

I guess my point is this: we all choose our perspective and can convince ourselves of almost anything.

You can convince yourself that losing weight sucks and is hard or you can convince yourself that it’s an exciting gift you’re giving yourself and you’re falling in love with the process.

You can convince yourself that you’re unmotivated & stuck or you can convince yourself that today you’ll find solutions to move forward.

You can convince yourself that there are a million things in your way, you’re tired, you have no time or energy. Or, you can convince yourself that there are plenty of things you are able & willing to do to make progress and you’re going to capitalize on them today.

So while my workouts won’t look like I thought they would for the next couple weeks, this setback is actually a great gift and I’m going to make the most of it.

Here was today’s workout. It was a freakin’ great one. I loved it!

“Fifth Wheel”
7 Rounds of “The Chief” (115/80)
Max Calorie Bike

rest 5 minutes 

6 Rounds of “The Chief” (135/95)
Max Calorie Bike

rest 5 minutes

5 Rounds of “The Chief” (155/105)
Max Calorie Bike

1 Round of “The Chief” = 3 Power Cleans, 6 Push-ups, 9 Air Squats

What that ends up being is 54 powercleans, 108 push-ups and 162 air squats + 3 bike sprints.

Yeah. It got me good!

On the food front:

I mentioned yesterday that I’ll be eating a lot more cruciferous veggies as I approach my egg harvesting. I also might be doing some more fasting since my workouts will be changing.

After this morning’s workout I had 3 cups of cauliflower rice with a few ounces of steak.

Around 1pm I had a large salad to which I added extra raw red & green cabbage.

Dinner was several cups of broccoli/cauliflower rice (pre-chopped from Whole Foods) with butter, avocado and grilled chicken. Nom nom nom.

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