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by | Jul 20, 2017 | Blog

Synchroncity. You know, when the same particular theme seems to show up, simultaneously, in multiple areas of your life? That’s happening to me right now & I love it!

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I am currently going through Seth Godin’s altMBA program for leadership and business development. While, understandably, he doesn’t want us sharing the projects, I will happily share one of the interesting experiences I’ve had.

Each week we work via video conference with a small group. There are multiple assignments due each week and our groups collaborate to complete them.

The assignments are incredibly vague & ambiguous. That created frustration for several of my teammates. There were comments like:

What does this even mean?

How are we going to complete it when we don’t even know what it’s asking?

Does it mean xyz or abc?

What if we’re misunderstanding it?

These questions were debated, in frustration, for quite some time until I suggested:

Guys, I think it’s meant to be vague. Life is vague. Growth is ambiguous. The path, in life or career, is rarely mapped out with clarity.

Later, in a broader discussion group, someone echo’d that sentiment. It’s not the assignment or challenge’s job to give us clarity. That is our job.

Our job is to create the meaning and define the solution.

The synchronicity came within my Fat Loss Fast Track rookie group. They are just 10 days or so into our 12 weeks together and there are lots of questions about the details not provided. I don’t provide meal plans or food lists. It’s not about me telling people what to do but rather helping them develop the skills, habits & awareness to chart their own sustainable course to their individual goals.

All too often, we let ambiguity paralyze us. We see a lack of answers or certainty as a reason not to advance.

That’s crap. Life doesn’t come with a blueprint. It’s not one else’s job to chart your course.

That’s your job.

If you aren’t sure, make a decision, take consistent action and then pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. Adjust accordingly.

Take control. You are the leader of your life. Act like it.

What else? Oh yeah, workout & food of the day.

The scheduled workout was running, more running with a sandbag and heavy kettlebell farmer carry. Needless to say, with the knee injury, I can officially do none of that.

Instead, here’s what I did:


Heavy seated sled pull

100 lb sandbag hold (30 sec)

5 cal arms only assault bike

So first of all, I went to my chiropractor immediately afterwards and he told me I shouldn’t have done the sandbag hold. Noted. Won’t do that again until my knee is better.

Second of all, the assault bike sucks in general but sucks more when it’s just your arms! Holy arm burn!

Either way though, I got it done. For my thoughts on the workout, check out one of my Anchor messages from earlier.

On the food front:

After my workout I had chicken & broccoli over cauliflower rice & 1/2 an avocado. That was around 9:30am. Around 12noon I had a bag of beet chips. I wasn’t hungry but they were on the counter and I ate them.

I took a work break around 2pm for lunch which was a big plate of broccoli/cauliflower rice with grilled chicken and 1/2 an avocado.

I’m planning a later-than normal dinner (Anchor channel will tell you why) so I had lunch a bit late. Dinner will be crispy-skinned salmon with cauliflower rice (the crispy skin is my favorite part!)

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