Year of Push 1.20 The Sweet Thing About Sucking

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Blog

Hey guys, if you’re new to these posts, listen to this podcast episode to get the scoop on what changes I’m making in my life and you can start back at my first daily post here.

I shared that I’m determined to get more sleep and last night I nailed it. In fact, I was ready for bed before 7pm!

Don’t worry, I stayed up until 8:30pm and fell asleep around 9:30p.

I didn’t set my alarm & woke up at 5:05am today. My fasted blood sugar upon waking was the same as yesterday: 85 mg/dL.

I am headed to the gym early this morning – my workout will be around 7:30a and it’s another GOAT day. GOAT days are when we work on weaknesses in a 20 minute EMOM.

EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. Essentially, you’re working on each weakness for a minute, alternating back & forth for 20 minutes.

I’ve picked double unders (again) and kip swings or kipping.


Minute 1: max double unders

Minute 2: 10 scap retractors and 10 kip swings

My grip & my back strength need some work so this was a great GOAT day for me even though it was rough on my hands. They are covered with blisters but the only way to get used to it & increase my grip strength is to keep on keeping on!

My double unders are improving so quickly! I love that!

Know what I was thinking about today? It’s so easy to look at the world class athletes in my gym and feel inferior or like they’re so much better than me. However, the great thing about having a long road ahead is how quickly I can see improvements.

When you’re at the top of your game (or the world’s game), improvements are hard fought and often minor.

When you have a long way to go, in fitness, weight loss, debt or any other pursuit, the improvements are more frequent, more noticeable and often more dramatic.

I love that! How lucky am I to see marked improvements almost daily!?

I guess the harder I work, the luckier I get! 😉

You have a choice – you can focus on lack, you can focus on how you don’t measure up, or you can bring your best effort and celebrate your opportunity to improve. There is absolutely a very sweet thing about sucking! 

I was excited to see that my blood sugar did NOT increase after the workout – it was 89 mg/dL about 30 minutes post workout.

I meant to test it throughout the day today with meals but I was away from home all day and forgot the monitor. I’ll absolutely do more next week.

Know what I did when I got back home around 4pm? I took a nap! Look at me prioritizing sleep!!!

I have a webinar tonight at 8pm and that’s time of day when I’m usually winding down. I want to make sure I have tons of energy so I slept for about an hour.

I’m pretty psyched about the webinar – it’s going to be a kick in the pants for people who are hung up on their past failures & frustrations. I hope to see some of you there!

On the food front:

My workout was early this am so I didn’t eat before hand. After the workout I had to hit the road for a day trip.

I met up with my mom for lunch and I had a burger without the bun & a side of crispy brussels sprouts. We shared the brussels and I had somewhere between 5-10 sweet potato fries.

Know the best part of my lunch date? My mom brought a jar of pickled brussels AND she gave me the brilliant idea of chopping them up and mixing them with tuna! I love pickles in tuna and I bet this will be even better! (No, she didn’t make them, she bought them at a deli in NY, I think.)

I really intended to check my blood sugar one and two hours after eating but I didn’t bring the monitor! Next time for sure.

I wasn’t super hungry when I woke up from my nap but it was a “now or tomorrow” situation for dinner & I wanted to eat something.

I sautéed a bag of frozen cauliflower rice with a little grass fed butter and had it along side a half an avocado. I love cauliflower rice!

My workout tomorrow is early again as I have a couple appointments in the afternoon & then I’m heading out of town for the weekend but I’ll definitely give you a Friday recap!

My bedtime goal today is 10:30p based on the webinar & the nap.

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