Year of Push 1.7 Keep Dreaming

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Blog

Hey guys, if you’re new to these posts, listen to this podcast episode to get the scoop on what changes I’m making in my life and you can start back at my first daily post here.

I LOVE mornings. I love the fresh start. I love tackling a new set of objectives. I’m a much happier person in the morning. After sunset, I don’t do people. Anyways. Hi.

My alarm went off at 4:30am and I felt great. That’s probably because I went to bed at 8pm last night! No, that’s not my normal bedtime (I try to shoot for 10-10:30) but I was pretty beat last night & I’m a big fan of heading to bed when I feel tired. If it’s early, it’s early.

I’m thinking about potentially incorporating some of my tips & tactics related to productivity in these posts. What do you think? For me, productivity has a huge impact on my mindset, attitude and the quality of my choices. It’s also something that I feel I have improved DRAMATICALLY over the past few years.

I have to say that I loved today’s workout.

3 rounds for time:

120 single unders

28 calorie row

20 hand release push-ups

The goal is to complete 3 rounds of the above activities as quickly as possible.

My triceps are killing me after that workout – I think hand release push-ups are harder than standard push-ups because you don’t have the benefit of momentum, but that’s just my opinion.

I was really excited to learn a few new-to-me rowing strategies during our warm up. I’m a pretty good rower and I love learning how to be more efficient and powerful. So grateful for new lessons!

There was an IG post that really inspired me today & it definitely helped me push through my workout:

Just because I’ve given up on myself before, that doesn’t mean I can’t choose myself now.

Just because I’ve had a rough last year doesn’t reduce my ability to make this year an epic one.

I won’t quit on my workouts just because it’s hard.

I won’t stop dreaming even my life has had it’s nightmare moments.

Through my actions, I’m making my dreams come true no matter how many nightmares I have along the way.

I’m going to do some body work stuff tonight while I wind down and watch a little tv – body weight squats and some planks since I’ve been sitting on my butt most of the day! Gotta move!

On the food front:

I blended a packet of Phat Fudge into my last cup of coffee before the workout so I had a little something in my system. The workout is at a weird time. I could totally make it until noon before eating and I prefer to workout on an empty stomach but it’s usually close to 2pm before I get home. So, I decided to have something small.

I left the house a couple hours before the workout and was feeling a bit hungry still so I stopped to get a Rebbl cold brew. (You can click the pic below to view the post on Instagram which includes the backside of the bottle).

I was absolutely feeling hungry around 2:30p and made my one of my fave meals ever – my cabbage salad bowl with bacon & eggs. I skipped the avocado this time.

Gosh I love that meal. It’s so filling & delicious!!

I prefer to eat dinner kinda early so I’m not eating late in the evening. I didn’t feel like cooking or doing dishes tonight so I had pickled brussels sprouts & rotisserie chicken. Sounds lame, but tastes pretty good & requires zero clean up and very little prep time. Winning!

Thinking ahead to tomorrow: I’m going out to dinner (Mexican) so I think I’ll keep the food light during the day (just enough to feel good before/after my workout) and enjoy a bigger dinner.

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