Year of Push 4.20 Paralysis

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Every Sunday I send out an email to folks on my free VIP email list. I don’t usually share them on the blog but yesterday’s seemed to really resonate in a special way so I’m sharing it here today on the blog. You can get on the VIP email list right on the homepage of or, if you’re in the United States, by texting the word PRIMAL to the number 44-222. Below is the email, including the link to listen (which is not an Anchor link because this was an email, not a blog, at the time).

Hey there!

I have been hit over the head with the same message over & over again this week. I just have to share it with you!

It’s about INACTION. It’s about how oftentimes, when we aren’t sure what to do next, we do nothing at all. It’s about how we allow ourselves to be paralyzed by options or refuse to make a good choice simply because a perfect choice isn’t possible.

If you’d rather listen to this email, click here. Otherwise, read on.

Do you spend more time thinking about your next step than actually taking it? That means you’re also spending more energy on thinking than on acting.

Do you spend time & energy beating yourself up for NOT doing what you told yourself you would do (instead of getting up and doing the thing?)

Do you throw in the towel when you’ve missed the bar on “perfection” instead of embracing “good” or “better than nothing”?

Do you let fear or uncertainty hold you back or slow you down?

Do you fall into the trap of saying “I’ll start tomorrow“?

Let’s change that. Right now.

Earlier in the week I shared on my blog that some colleagues in my summer altMBA program were frustrated about the lack of clarity on an assignment. They were frustrated by it and weren’t pushing forward with the work because of that confusion & desire for certainty. But here’s the thing: action creates clarity. Waiting prevents all progress. Decide. Act.

Create the clarity you seek through action.

Then, one of my clients shared this article in our Fat Loss Fast Track Facebook group. (It’s a bit of a read, but totally worth it, and I read it in full in the audio recording of this email for those who get distracted when trying to read)

Here’s one of my favorite lines from the article:

“You’re expecting a product without respecting the process. I’m not interested in getting something perfect from you, and you shouldn’t be either. Just do the work. Write the story. And then write it again, as many times as you need to.”

Then, a close friend of mine who is trying to start a business snapped at me in frustration. “It’s scary to reach out to people about a service you don’t even know if they want!” He was avoiding doing the work because he was scared even though the only way to break through the fear is to do the work. He then said, “How did you START?

I saw the fear and acted anyway.

I recognized that the only way to not be afraid was to see fear as a starting point, not an ending point. It’s the beginning. It’s the place we start. It’s the place from which we act.

On top of all that, I woke up unmotivated this morning. I wanted to stay in bed. I was tired. I was thinking about my daunting list of everything that needs to happen. I asked myself, “Can I make just ONE day great? Just THIS day? What would it take to make it a great day & can I do that just once?” Yes, of course I can. How?

The answer is simple: ACTION. My Masters Club clients & I refer to this as “turning off the thought faucet“. Just do. Go. Do ONE THING that is aligned with your goals.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t take the perfect path because of time or money or because of choices you’ve already made on a given day.

We aren’t here for perfect. We’re here for progress. And progress begins with your next choice.

We all have ONE GOOD CHOICE in us. We break through the fear barrier & the uncertainty discomfort with ACTION. With choice. So, get going.



PS: This week, in response to your question for more short-form audio content like my blogs or weekend updates, I launched my Anchor channel. You can hear my daily blogs and other short-form ramblings over there. You can also comment or “call in” with your questions or comments. Hope to see you there!

On the food front:

As I shared on Anchor over the weekend, I decided to do a short, impromptu fast from Saturday afternoon-ish until this morning. I broke my fast around noon today with some grilled chicken & cauliflower rice.

Since I’m not working out today (see below) and will be pretty much on my butt all day long, I’ll adjust my eating accordingly. I certainly don’t need to eat as much as a day when I’m rushing all about & working out intensely.

With that said, lunch was a cobb salad with added raw cabbage (a few cups of cabbage) and dinner was a big bowl of greek yogurt with cacao powder and coconut flakes.

In other news: I did not workout today because crutches over the weekend were really kicking my tail and I think it’s best for my body to take it easy today.

Make it a great day guys!

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