Year of Push 4.9 Minimization of Regret

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Blog

For most of my life, I regretted the majority of my choices. I’d regret over eating. I’d regret giving up on my “diet”. I’d regret spending so much money or not working out consistently. There were daily regrets & big picture regrets. I wasn’t proud of how I was living my life or spending my days. It felt awful.

These days, I’m all about the minimization of regret. 

When I’m faced with any choice where I’m wavering between two options, I think about which choice minimizes the likelihood of regret.

For example, if I’m deciding whether I should go to the gym or skip the workout, I’ll look at which choice I’m most likely to regret. I’ve never regretted a workout. I’ve often regretted skipping one, especially as a trend over time. Easy choice: getting the workout done minimizes regret.

Yesterday I was getting a pedicure & I people kept walking by the store front with cups & cones of ice cream. I thought about getting an ice cream. Then I asked myself, which choice minimizes regret? Getting the ice cream or skipping it? My intention yesterday was to make great choices – deviating from that has a greater chance of regret than missing out on ice cream does. Easy choice: saying “not today” to the ice cream minimizes regret.

A huge part of getting what you want out of life and fully loving the life you live is minimizing regret. Consider all your options & make the choice that minimizes the chance of regret.

The alternative perspective here is: which choice will make you feel amazing? Either. Both. Try one. Practice it. See what works.

I did not want to get up when my alarm went off this morning, but I knew that I’d be more likely to regret staying in bed than I would be to regret getting up and getting things done. So, to work I went! After a couple hours of work I headed to the gym.

“Full Split”
Teams of 2, AMRAP 20:
5 Front Squats (165/110)
15 Plate Hops (45#)
10/7 Calorie Bike

*Partners complete full rounds before switching.

This workout was a total beast! You have less than 1 minute to rest while your partner completes their round, so you’re essentially sprinting and then making your way back to your barbell to go again.

Those front squats were feeling mighty heavy 1/2 way through the workout!

On the food front:

I’m planning to eat a little lighter today since I’ll be pseudo-celebrating my birthday this weekend. I already have a couple treats in mind, including an ice cream place in Boston I want to try! Yum yum!

After my workout I had some hormone free greek yogurt with cacao.

Lunch was chicken & broccoli over cauliflower rice & dinner was a cobb salad.

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