You Are In Control

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Blog

Many of the emails I get include phrases like:

I just can’t seem to stop eating after dinner…

Once I have one glass of wine, I can’t control myself…

When I’m pre-menstrual, I’m out of control!

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There’s a huge difference between truly not having control and simply not exercising it.

You are 100% in control of what you put in your mouth, how much & when.

Unless someone is tying you to a chair and force feeding you Doritos, you’re the only one in control.

Just because you’re choosing a pattern of behavior that you want to break, that doesn’t mean you aren’t in control.

Like I talked about in episode 447, you can convince yourself of anything.

You can convince yourself that you have no control.

You can convince yourself that you have total control.

What is your story convincing you of? Is it helpful or harmful?

This is less about the behavior and more about the story you’re telling yourself about the behavior.

Divorce the story.

You’re in control.

You might have a pattern you want to change, but you’re still in control.

Your past choices don’t dictate your present or future ones.

You are free, in this & any other moment, to make a change.

Instead of focusing on changing a long held pattern and what that will take, just focus on today.

What are you able and willing to do today that is an improvement for you?

What are you able & willing to do today to make your choices just a little better than they were yesterday?

You are in control.

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