10 Things I Love This Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Blog

Happy Valentine’s Day! In episode 453 I talked about how people are more comfortable complaining than they are talking about good things. I want to help shift that energy. Let’s talk more about the things we love, the things that bring us joy, and the things we’re proud of.

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Why do so many people tend to be more accepting of complaining, criticizing and condemning than they are of sharing wins & excitements? Why is one acceptable and the other seen as bragging or being pollyanna?

Not here. Not now. Not with me. Today I will lead this charge & I hope you’ll join me. Comment on this post or on Facebook or Instagram with one thing you love about yourself or something you’re proud of.

10 Things I’m Loving This Valentine’s Day

  1. My damn self. I’ve spent way too much time and energy focused on what is wrong with me or what could be better. I’m kind. I’m caring. I’ve got great hair, soulful eyes and ass for days. I’m funny, adventurous and a good communicator.
  2. Aerial yoga. You guys know I’ve been religious about CrossFit for a few years now, but moving to the Cape has challenged me to try new things. Aerial yoga is simultaneously really challenging and really relaxing.
  3. Playing the guitar. When I first separated from my ex-husband, I bought a guitar. I thought it would give me a positive, creative outlet. It did, but I wasn’t consistent. Life got hard and I didn’t play much. But I’m back at it, guitar-teacher and all, and it’s such a great challenge.
  4. Transcendental Meditation. Guys. It’s changing my life. I recently went through the 4-day training to learn the practice and the benefits are so far beyond what I thought they would be. Episode 454 of the podcast will give you all the details.
  5. Sunsets. With my recent move, I’m about a 2 minute walk from the water and I’ve been making time to walk to watch the sunset at least a few days a week. It’s a small thing, but it feels peaceful and immensely present. I love it. What a beautiful world we live in.
  6. Justin Timberlake’s new album Man of the Woods. Yup, that’s right. I have JT in my Spotify playlist. Music has an immediate ability to lift my mood. I’m also a Chris Stapleton fan & they have a song together on that album: Say Something. I love it!
  7. Raw veggies. I’m not usually a big raw-veggie eater. With the exception of my famous cabbage salad bowl, most of my veggies are cooked. Recently though, I’m seeing how I feel with FAR more raw veggies. They are more enzymatically active (enzymes are denatured in the cooking process to varying degrees). So far, I’m loving it! I feel more energy, without question. I’ll be talking about this in an upcoming podcast.
  8. Army green. I recently bought an army green bomber jacket AND an army green blazer. I’m thinking it’s my 2018 color.
  9. My Amazon Echo. I swore I’d never have one, but I bought one while developing the Primal Potential Daily Bites Alexa skill & I’m so glad I did. I love listening to my daily briefing while I drink my coffee in the AM. The speaker is pretty great too, which means more solo dance parties.
  10. You. I’m 100% serious. Connecting with you guys, being a part of your journeys…it’s such a gift. There have been an increasing number of you sharing the podcast on your Instagram stories and I love seeing what’s resonating with you & making a difference in your life. There’s not a day that goes by when I’m not overwhelmingly grateful that you’re in this with me. So thank you!!!

How about you? What do you love? What do you love about yourself? What’s good? What’s right?

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