651: 10 Things You Need to Know About Improving Your Health

Sep 5, 2019

Improving your health has no easy answer or solution. Everyone is different, and there’s so much that goes into improving your health that there is no single solution. However, something that will have a huge impact on everyone — and is something almost nobody considers — is your Microbiome.

Your microbiome is NOT just about your gut. It has a massive impact on your entire body, as well as your mind, mood and so much more. When it comes to improving your health, focussing on your microbiome is always a worthy investment.

That’s what today’s episode focuses on: what it is, how it works and the major impacts it has on you and your life. I encourage you to listen, where I dive deep into ten of the major impacts your Microbiome has. 

But I’ve also written an article below that overviews each of these, as well as the steps you can take to regain control and improve your microbiome TODAY.


  1. The 10 major impacts your Microbiome has on your health, mind and overall life.
  2. The role Microbiome plays in many diseases, and how it’s often where many begin in the first place.
  3. How different people react to the issues Microbiome creates, and why it’s important to focus on what impacts YOU the most (there is no ‘out of the box’ solution).
  4. The surprising role Microbiome plays in many eating disorders.
  5. The even more surprising role microbiome plays in mental health, and even syndromes like ASD, ADHD and OCD.
  6. How to quickly reverse the negative symptoms created, and the steps you can begin to make today.
  7. The 4 R’s (Remove, Replace, Reinoculate and Restore), and the roles these play in helping you regain control of your health.
  8. Why substances and substitutes are almost NEVER the first thing you should turn toward.


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