How Much Can You Change In 12 Weeks?

by | Jun 28, 2017 | Blog

How much can you change in 12 weeks?

A whole hell of a lot.

If you will, walk through this exercise with me.

I want you to think about your ultimate goals. I want you to think, seriously, about who and how you want to be. In as much detail as possible, write out answers to the following questions.

  • What do you want your life to look like?
  • What do you want your body to look like?
  • How do you want to spend your time?
  • What kinds of habits do you want to have?

Now, imagine that you ARE that person. Right now, you’ve achieved all you want to achieve and you are living the life  you want to live in the body & with the ultimate health you desire.

As that kind of person, what kind of choices do you make? What does a typical day look like?

Stay with me – this will be really powerful if you do it. Let’s go through an example.

  • I want to wake up and immediately feel proud of & comfortable in my body
  • I want to look forward to getting dressed each morning, feeling confident in everything I put on
  • I want to workout daily, bringing my best effort and building strength & endurance
  • I want to eagerly choose real food and never eat to the point of feeling stuffed or regretful
  • I want relationships full of love, laughter and positive energy

You get the point – take the time to define your ultimate outcome – the life you want.

Then, imagining that I am that person, I’ll look at how my days would go. If I had achieved those goals, what kinds of choices would I make on the daily to be that person:

  • I’d wake up with a positive attitude
  • I’d show love to those who matter most to me and I’d create opportunities for laughter
  • I’d take annoyances less seriously
  • I’d prioritize working out
  • I’d push myself in each workout
  • I’d choose whole foods and minimize sugar & processed foods to ensure I don’t struggle with cravings
  • I’d be mindful of when I was hungry & satisfied to make sure I don’t cross the line into stuffed or regretful

Ok. You have YOUR lists, right? Don’t use my example – create yours based on what you want.

Here’s the last step…

What would happen if, right now, you started living your days like the one you’ve described and you built increasing consistency, day after day?

What if, for 12 weeks, you focused on daily improvements and instead of seeking consistency in perfection, you committed to consistency in progress?

After 12 weeks, 84 days of progress & attentiveness, you could change a whole hell of a lot, eh?

You could lose weight. You could increase your fitness. Become more confident. Have more energy. Eliminate cravings. Be happier. Enjoy life more. Right? Of course. If you did the work…

How many 12 week cycles have you let slip by?

Can we please draw a line in the sand & stop wasting time?

Can we start doing the work, making the progress, and taking small steps forward each day? You’re so worth it. Life is so worth it. Confidence is so worth it. Happiness is so worth it.

That ideal you wish for is absolutely possible for you!

I would love the opportunity to help you create it, one small step at a time, during the summer Fat Loss Fast Track. It kicks off on July 9th and you can learn more & register here.

If you want to know what some of my spring Fat Loss Fast Trackers are saying about their 12 weeks, here are a few thoughts straight from them! They have done exactly what I just described: committed to daily small steps toward their ideal. They’re transforming and it’s amazing.

It’s possible for you, too.

“I actually ended up losing 29 pounds through this process, even through the ups and challenging weeks.  Yes, that’s great, but I’m more excited about my Mindset and everything that is coming from the tools you teach.  I believe in ME and I thank you for showing me the way to do this.”

“Yesterday I could not ignore the fact that my jeans fresh out of the dryer were in danger of falling off after an hour of wear. Also my monthly stitch fix items were all too big!”

“This has been a very, very powerful change in perspective and I feel like there is nothing holding me back.  I have basically thrown out my bag of excuses and I am committed to bringing forward my best self, because I know that I can.  It’s like putting together a puzzle, all the pieces, the podcasts, the FLFT, the level up lectures are all in place and a clear picture has started to emerge.  Hard has become easy!”

“I didn’t implement everything perfectly and there’s definitely room for more effort and more improvements. BUT, I did lose 10 pounds and a bunch of inches which means I’m in a smaller size (yay!).”

If you want to hear more about the Fat Loss Fast Track, listen to episode 352 of the Primal Potential podcast. Registration will close in the next few days so don’t wait!

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