139: 10 Tweaks to Accelerate Fat Loss

Feb 13, 2016

I can’t tell you how often people email me and say, “I’m doing everything right & it’s not working”.

Here’s what I say in response: “If it’s not working, you’re not doing everything right”

You need to keep in mind that your mental construct of what’s “right” might be holding you back because if it’s not working for you, it’s not right for you.

It might be right for someone else. It might have been right for you a year ago or 20 lbs ago. But if it’s not working for you, it’s not right for you. You have tweaks to make. You need to make a change.

Stop getting frustrated and invest that energy in being strategic.

In today’s episode I’ll be sharing 10 potential tweaks you can make to accelerate fat loss.


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10 Tweaks to Accelerate Your Fat Loss

accelerate fat loss

Do not take shortcuts here. You absolutely need to listen to the full episode to understand the how & why behind each of these tweaks.

Most importantly: only implement ONE AT A TIME.

Seriously! Being an overachiever will not serve you here!

If you want to accelerate fat loss, you’ve got to know which strategy works & which doesn’t. If you implement more than one at a time, you don’t know which one is responsible for your results!

  1. Eat less frequently
  2. Dial back the sweet stuff (even “healthy” sweet stuff)
  3. Increase non-starchy vegetables
  4. Eat more fat
  5. Eat less fat
  6. Decrease protein
  7. Increase the intensity of your workouts (you’d better listen to the full explanation here!)
  8. Get more sleep
  9. Reduce stress and/or increase frequency of stress-relieving activities
  10. Practice self-discipline

Episode Quotables:

You find the answers in your practice, not in your perfection (and not in your planning)

The more sweet you eat, the more sweet you need.

Moderate sleep deprivation significantly decreases your insulin sensitivity

Fat burning is impaired when you are stressed. Period.

When it comes to fitness, go hard. The greater the stimulus, the greater the response. Intensity matters.

Keep the promises you make to yourself



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