191: How To Get Unstuck

Jun 14, 2016

I got an email the other day that I want to share with you guys.  I think this email could have been written by any one of us and it represents one of the most significant issues keeping us from reaching our goals:  the on-again-off-again cycle.

The beautiful woman who emailed me wants to change.  She wants to be healthy.  She wants to be a better example for her kids.  She wants to feel better about herself.  She wants so badly to learn how to get unstuck!

She doesn’t kinda want it.  She really wants it.


She consistently makes food choices that aren’t doing her any favors.  She overeats.  She overindulges.  She doubts her ability to change.  She doubts that health is really achievable for her.

Man, I completely understand these struggles and frustrations…..been there… and it’s a hard place to be!

In today’s podcast, we will explore a new mindset and some simple strategies that will help you break this ebb and flow cycle.

Are you ready to find out how to get unstuck and put your doubts and frustrations behind you?

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How To Get Unstuck

I’ve faced the on-again-off-again cycle many times.  It’s exhausting, pure and simple!

I’ll share with you parts of her email:

I found your podcast about a month ago on Spotify. I was randomly scrolling though looking for something to listen to and I found primal potential. I cant remember exactly what episode it was but I remember you were talking about not arguing for our limitations. I was hooked.

I have always been a heavy girl. I really ballooned up when I had my children. right now I am sitting at 270 I am 5’3″.

I have always tried to lose weight I will start off strong and then I will mess up and I’m like f*@k it.

I will be all gung ho to get it together and then have a bad day or week and reach for the convenience of ordering something or picking up something quick. I have to break that habit for our heath and our finances.
I want to change our lifestyle before it negatively effects our children any more than it already has.

Anyway all of this rambling is basically to ask where you think I should start. I’m tired of being fat. I’m tired of hating my body. I’m just so over it and I’m so lost on what to do. I’m convinced that I will never be healthy because I haven’t my whole life.

I’m stuck in that toxic place that is telling me it doesn’t matter how much I try I will never be able to do it and I’m over it. I want to get out of there. I want to believe in myself. I want to change my quality of life so I can enjoy it with my children! 

She says she starts out all gung-ho but then falls back into old habits.  Don’t get me wrong- it’s great to have motivation and enthusiasm but, you can be setting yourself up for failure with the pedal to the medal 0-60 approach.

You know what I mean, starting out, right out of the gate and deciding, “I’m going to eat more vegetables, drink more water, eat less sugar, workout more, sleep more, stress less, find healthy recipes, stop eating out!” You know how that goes.

You are likely trying to do too much, too fast and setting yourself up to feel overwhelmed and like you haven’t cleared the high bar you set for yourself.

Here are the recommendations I made to this listener to help her figure out how to get unstuck.

Step 1:  Don’t change anything at all.  For 7-14 days, just track. Write down what you eat and how it makes you feel. You need to establish your baseline. What you’re doing, how it impacts your energy, where you’re starting from. No pressure, just paying attention.

Step 2:  Simplify.  Make ONE change.   Don’t add more until your initial change feels effortless.  In my Fat Loss Fast Track groups, we typically start with breakfast. To learn more about how to make breakfast a fat burning meal, listen to this podcast or this one.

Step 3:  Change your mind.  Stop arguing for your limitations and disqualifying yourself from change or growth.  Remember, the past doesn’t define the present or the future unless you choose to make the same choices. Each new day brings the opportunity to make a different choice.

You don’t want to miss this full episode to hear about what you can do RIGHT NOW to stop the cycle and start feeling AMAZING!


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