223: How To Heal Your Metabolism

Aug 27, 2016

Yes! You can heal your metabolism! In today’s episode we’re talking about exactly how you can begin. Maybe you feel like you’ve always had a sluggish metabolism, maybe you’re recognizing that you’ve done some metabolic damage with your yo-yo dieting past, perhaps you’re noticing some changes as you get older or you just want to be proactive. No matter what you’re reasons, your metabolism is not set in stone. There is so much you can do to heal your metabolism and make it more efficient!

Unfortunately, most people go about it the wrong way and inadvertently do more damage. Most people figure they can speed up their metabolism by exercising more. That’s analogous to thinking you can make a car with a busted engine go faster if you just slam on the accelerator harder.

No. That’ll make it worse.

You have to fix it. You have to address the problem, not try to over-power it.

The same is true with your metabolism. We can’t just eat less, exercise more and expect our metabolism to respond favorably. It won’t.

Let’s dive into what your metabolism is, why it might need to be healed and specific diet & lifestyle strategies you can put into place today to help you heal your metabolism, increase energy and burn fat more efficiently.


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How To Heal Your Metabolism

Listen to the full episode to understand:

  • What your metabolism is (and isn’t)
  • Why it might need healing, repair or optimization
  • What common strategy actually damages your metabolic function
  • How to heal your metabolism

Strategies to improve your metabolism include:

  • Limit processed foods
  • Limit or avoid crop oils like corn, canola & safflower
  • Focus on stable fats including coconut oil, grass fed butter, ghee, full fat dairy and grass fed meat
  • Lift weights
  • Avoid toxins in food, water and personal products
  • Manage stress & sleep


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