246: 5 Dietary Changes For Faster Results

Oct 20, 2016

If you feel stuck, frustrated, confused or like you aren’t seeing the progress you want, don’t miss these 5 dietary changes for faster results.

The key to today’s episode lies in not seeking new information but in measuring your own consistent implementation of what you already know but aren’t yet doing.

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5 Dietary Changes For Faster Results

Often, we sift through information evaluating what we know instead of what we’re consistently doing.

If we know something already, we gloss over it, whether we’re consistently doing it or not.

Today that stops. As you listen to these 5 dietary changes for faster results, I don’t want you thinking of what you know or what you don’t, I want you evaluating what you’re doing consistently and what you’re not.

As you hear each strategy, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I doing this?
  • Am I doing it consistently?
  • Is there room for improvement?
  • How will I implement those improvements today?
  • How can I practice consistency with that improvement?

While there are dozens of dietary changes you could make to accelerate your fat loss progress or improve your body composition, today we’re talking about the following:

  1. Stay off the hot mess express blood sugar roller coaster (especially in the morning)
  2. Slow down on the sweets (the more sweet you eat, the more sweet you crave – this is true whether it’s a “healthy” sweet or not)
  3. Dial back on dairy (for more on dairy and fat loss, listen to episode 25 and 128)
  4. Limit labels – how much of the food you consume has a nutrition facts label and added ingredients? Do an inventory of the % of your intake that comes from something with a label and strive for an improvement. Eat more foods that have no label and eat fewer foods with labels.
  5. Stop snacking – snacking is often out of boredom/habit or because your meals aren’t satisfying you for long enough. Either improve the composition of your meals so they satisfy you for longer (adding more non-starchy veggies, protein or whole-food fats) or increase awareness of when you’re eating when not hungry.


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