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I recently shared that I’m doing a 3-day detox and so many of you asked me for the details that I figured it would be wise to put it here on the blog so you can easily find it whenever you’re interested. There are a million ways to detox, as many things to detox from and countless detox plans and programs. If you know me at all, it won’t surprise you that I detox my own way based on my goals, needs and lifestyle (and I think you should, too).

Yes, I could follow someone else’s rules or program, but that’s not what I’m doing. One of the reasons I’m making up my own rules is because my circumstances are unique to me in the same way that yours are unique to you. For example, I’m currently breastfeeding (and pumping), I’m a couple months postpartum and I’m anemic. While I do have a goal of weight loss, I also need to keep my milk supply up. On top of that, I have no interest in being miserable, cranky or having no energy for 3 hours, never mind 3 days!

Why A 3 Day Detox?

I don’t know about you, but I love to challenge myself. I like to mix it up and gain a little momentum. This is one way to do it and one of my reasons. I like sprinkling in fasts or detoxes, but I can’t fast right now (for the above stated reasons).

I think it’s incredibly important to detox. It’s valuable to detox from media, from screens, from alcohol, complaining, toxins, sugar and so many things. This particular detox is a nutrition detox, designed to jump start weight loss, reduce cravings, increase energy, eliminate toxins and help my body heal by reducing inflammation.

As silly as it might sound, my breast pump, coffee maker and washing machine prompted me to do this detox. Does anyone else have one of those fancy coffee makers that prompts you to run a cleaning cycle? While I’m the first to dismiss reminders to update my phone or computer, I rarely dismiss the cleaning prompts from my coffee maker. Why? Because I hate the idea of build-up from the machine getting into my morning cup of coffee. I hate the idea of mold or grime accumulating inside the machine. So, I run the cleaning cycle. I feel the same way about my breast pump. I’m vigilant about cleaning the parts thoroughly and constantly. Why? Because build-up accumulates and will absolutely get into the milk! No, thank you! And I’m sure you have all noticed how your washing machine gets kind of nasty if you don’t clean it, right?

Well, that illustrates why I think the occasional detox is important! You’d better believe that toxins accumulate in our tissues and that this accumulation impacts how we function! Not only does it lead to things like low energy and brain fog, it impairs fat loss, creates hormonal imbalance and drives inflammation/disease.

Nutritional detoxes are as important as flossing our teeth – maybe even more!

What’s My 3 Day Detox?

You can detox however you’d like. You can detox the way I am, you can fast, you can follow someone else’s detox (make sure they’re trustworthy!) or you can make up your own! I’m happy to share mine, with the caveat that I made up the guidelines based on my goals, needs and priorities. A big factor in how I’ll detox is the fact that I’m a very simple girl and I don’t like things that are complex or confusion. Here are the guidelines:

  • 1 gallon of water daily (plain water)
  • Meat, veggies and fruit only (if it’s not in one of those categories, I don’t eat it)
  • Reboot supplement pack (this is only about $15 with the code BENTON)

You might be thinking, “What about coffee?” Is coffee meat? Is coffee a vegetable? Is it a fruit? You can answer for yourself. I know some of you are convincing yourself that coffee berries make coffee a fruit. Your detox, your rules!

What Will I Eat?

I’ll be posting daily in the Primal Potential FB group so you can check out the details there, but here’s a sample day:

AM: leftover chicken thighs + 1 medium apple

Lunch: Salad from Chipotle Mexican grill (lettuce, steak, pico, fajita veggies, guacamole)

Dinner: Steak and broccoli

Snacks: Blueberries, cucumbers, tomatoes

Do You Have to Take Reboot?

It’s your detox. You make your rules. I think about it like this: if I run my dishwasher without detergent, are the dishes clean? Well, they’re cleaner than they were before I ran it, but they aren’t as clean as they would be if I had used detergent. You can detox without supplements that support detoxification and elimination. However, your detox probably won’t be as effective as it would have been if you included them. The way I see it, it’s a really effective 3-day product pack specifically for detoxification and it’s really affordable, so it’s worth it to me. You get to do your detox your way!

Remember to drink a lot of water! That’s going to help flush out any toxins! Happy detoxing!


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