5 Mindset Shifts That Transformed My Life (5 of 5)

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Blog

This week I’m sharing 5 mindset shifts that have completely transformed my life. Today is the last post in this series, part 5 of 5, but let’s make sure you’re caught up.

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Yesterday I had an exchange with someone who follows me on Instagram that reinforced this 5th mindset shift.

She has messaged me before, several times, sharing that she wants to change but ‘can’t’. She asks where & how to begin. I tell her. A week later, she asks again. I share the same answer. It hasn’t changed.

In response to something I posted, she messaged me yesterday, “Can you move in?

Here’s the actual exchange.

mindset shifts

This exchange really summarizes the 5th mindset shift that truly transformed my life.

No matter how far off change feels, it’s right at your finger tips. The ability you have, right now, to create massive change is called CHOICE and it’s the most powerful force in the world.

It is always at your disposal.

Just because you tell yourself you can’t change doesn’t make it true.

You simply aren’t choosing to create change. You simply aren’t choosing to make a different choice.

You’re choosing to stay the same.

I did that too, for most of my life. Repeatedly choosing to diet. Repeatedly choosing to over-restrict. Repeatedly choosing to binge. Repeatedly choosing to turn away, to stop trying, to stop paying attention, until I’d choose another diet & cycle through again.

I was choosing to stay in a pattern of failed choices. I could have also, and eventually did, make the choice to do things differently, one single day at a time. One choice at a time.

You have the ability to make one great choice. One improved choice. You have the ability to choose differently just one choice and one day at a time.

That is the simplicity of how change happens.

You can continue to overwhelm yourself thinking that you need to have a whole plan or a make a behavioral 180. You don’t.

You can activate this change-making super power by making one great choice. Just one.

One choice that represents an improvement for you.

You don’t need years of willpower or a reserve of self-discipline.

The problem may be or feel complex but the solution is simple.

The solution is limited to just this next choice.

The solution doesn’t extend beyond this next choice, except maybe in your mind.

Win one moment.

Then, face the next one.

You always have the ability to make one great choice.

With each new moment, you have another chance. Change happens one choice at a time.

The only super power you’ll ever need to create change is fully at your disposal right now.

It’s the power of choice.

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