5 Reasons To Drink More Water Today

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Blog

When it comes to fat loss, focus & energy, water is what I call a “big rock”. Hydration makes a huge difference.

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I don’t drink enough water. I’m working on it because I know that being well hydrated means I have more energy, more focus and I’m less hungry.

We all know water is important, but I’m throwing down the challenge for you to actually drink more water TODAY. 

About 60% of the human body is water. If we look at the brain and heart, the percentage is even higher – more than 70%. Water is required for every single metabolic function in your body.

If you are even mildly dehydrated for a short time, your metabolism is impaired.

Let’s go through a little mental exercise. Think about your blood.

What’s the primary component of your blood?

Right. Water.

What’s one primary function of your blood?

To deliver nutrients & oxygen throughout the body. 

What happens to the blood if it doesn’t have the ideal amount of water?

It gets thicker.

What happens if your blood is even slightly thicker than it should be?

Blood flow is impaired. It moves more slowly through your body. 

What happens when blood flow isn’t moving as well as it should.

Nutrient & oxygen delivery throughout the body slows.

What’s the impact of impaired oxygen & nutrient delivery?

Lower metabolic rate. Lower energy. Impaired mood. Trouble regulating blood sugar. Slower recovery. Inferior workout performance. Reduced mental clarity. Less efficient detoxification.

The list goes on & on.

So let’s roll on with the 5 reasons you need to drink more water today:

  1. It will help your metabolism function more efficiently
  2. It will increase your energy
  3. It will help you focus
  4. It helps lubricate & cushion your joints
  5. It faciliates the removal of waste & toxins

Are you convinced? Stop what you’re doing and take a few sips. No need to go overboard, just drink a bit more water today.

For more on hydration and how to know if you’re drinking enough (I’m not into those recommendations of a specific number of ounces), check out episode 046 of the Primal Potential podcast. Episode 337 is also a great one on the importance of hydration.

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