8 Fat Loss Breakthroughs

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I was super hesitant to offer group coaching. Here’s my thing: I don’t have your answers. I really don’t. I don’t know what you need to eat, how much and when for fat loss. If you’re just focused on the number on the scale, I can’t help you. What I can help you do, if you let me, is identify what holds you back and help you address that. What I can help you do, if you let me, is identify what your body responds to and what your body doesn’t respond to. That’s what I really enjoy about working 1:1 with clients who are open to approaching fat loss in a different way.

I want to help open-minded people find their own answers. Because for all of us, there is no magic “plan”. There is the plan that works for each individual. High fat isn’t the answer for everyone. High protein isn’t the answer for everyone. Low carb isn’t the answer for everyone. Sometimes, the answer has VERY little to do with food and far more to do with emotions and/or stress. Your body has the answer. I want to help you find the answers within your own body.

I wasn’t sure if the group dynamic would allow me to help in that way. I wasn’t sure I’d have the ability to help individuals find THEIR path in a group setting. I was nervous that people would start comparing their success to someone else’s or their food choices to someone else’s and so I was very uncertain. I didn’t ever want a one-size-fits-all approach because I believe that doesn’t work. But, I know I can only work with a very small number of people 1:1 and there was a demand for group coaching so I did it.

We started the day after Labor Day and I took on 50 individuals. We’ll be working together for 90 days so we have a few more weeks together. I have to say, their openness and willingness to be really honest about their motives and their struggles and their overall willingless to pay attention to their own bodies (and not anyone else’s) has been absolutely incredible. I am so grateful to this amazing group of men and women and I wanted to share some of the fat loss breakthroughs they’ve had with you because they are so powerful and I think you might really be encouraged and inspired by them.

Every one of them has had ups and downs, good days and not so great days, but together we’re working on consistency and self-awareness. Why assign emotion to a food or series of food choices when we could instead get curious and learn from it? Every day I am trying to help them find their own truths and solutions.

With that said, here are some comments that folks in the group have been making. I encourage all of you to start tracking, to start identifying one small area of improvement and then take daily action to improve that one thing each day! 

Normally roadtrips in the car are Snackfest and food is used to create pleasure and numb the stress of travel with toddlers. Today I have decided to NOT eat anything in the car. I am fasting food and feasting on EB’s podcast, listening to great music and engaging in good convos with my hubby. I’m changing my mind that roadtrips are an opportunity for relationship and growth. I will sit down and have a nice meal tonight at the halfway point. Just putting all this out here as a point of accountability.

If it wasn’t for the podcasts I don’t think I would be where I am today. I have a loop in my brain now that says…it’s only food. Breathe. Relax. If you want it, eat it…is it going to move you toward your goal….etc. I cannot thank you enough. I feel I have taken the power away from the food and given it to myself. I have the power now. I am no longer out of control.

One step at a time I guess. And I have to get out of my head that I want it to happen quickly. That podcast (episode 93) hit home. I get really whiny with myself that things don’t happen quickly because I am working so hard. I am an entitled little baby – LOL. I am supposed to weigh in this morning at my health club for a 90 day challenge I’m involved in. Not going to happen. I am just going to work hard eat great and be nice to myself. Screw the scale!

I am sooooo pleased to report I’m down 1 inch in both waist and hips since sept 19!!! Slow and steady! Never perfect either! One thing that clicked for me was in episode 93 when EB said to analyze the last 10 days of our tracking document and then set goals for the next 10 days. I did that and it was kindof fun to sit down and see what was happening. And then to quarterback the next 10 days. When I finish day 10 tomorrow instead of setting stricter goals I will keep the same goals to let myself get really comfortable and the goals I set to become effortless.

Today was weigh in and measure day. I am down 2 1/2 pounds this week and 2 1/2 inches on my waist. I was sorta in shock when I did my measurement. More than the progress I am seeing with measurements etc. I am most excited about the mental changes that have been happening. I get defeated less easily. I don’t have a mindset that I’m on a diet and my thoughts about myself are moving in a positive direction. My husband said yesterday to me he could see my attitude about mysef and my weight journey changing. Thanks a million Elizabeth Benton!

ELIZABETH!!! Your post was perfect timing! I am weighing myself once a week on Sunday and I had a nagging suspicion that I might not like what I see. I have changed my eating patterns significantly but along with those changes I knew in the back of my head, though I was not eating sugar and grains, I was not eating for fat loss. Historically I would have gotten on the scale and started with myself. “You haven’t eaten grains and sugar, you went to the gym… This whole fat loss thing is not working” 100% entitled Denise would have shown up. BUT after your podcast I knew I was going to weigh myself and face the facts head on without pouting and whining. So after a week I was down 0.6 lbs. Next step, looking at tracking document. I already know what the issue is. The key is I’m facing today and this week with a fresh attitude. My body responded and I’m going to listen! THANK YOU!

I wanted to share a quick tracking “lightbulb” moment. For several years now I have been battling chronic anxiety and depression, which often results in terrible insomnia. This in turn has made keeping up with my kids pretty tough at times. Both myself and my doctors have attributed that these issues are likely a result of severe PMS/PMDD. I went out with family and friends last night and we were drinking beer. Although I try not to drink that often, I do enjoy an occasional beer with my husband or on a night out. I felt SO awful when I got home last night and was not able to fall asleep-my anxiety was at a level 10. Instead of feeling relaxed after a few drinks, I was feeling the complete opposite. I went back through my tracking documents today and found a pretty significant pattern of anxiety/insomnia on almost all of the nights that I had had even 1 beer. I am starting to think my issues could very likely be linked to the consumption of wheat/gluten. I just downloaded the book “Wheat Belly” and am looking forward to seeing what happens when I eliminate all wheat from my diet. Thank you, Elizabeth, for continuously emphasizing the importance of tracking!!

I love this week’s challenge! I realize that I am rarely ever more than a 4-5 on the hunger scale. This afternoon I held off for an extra hour because I was only at a 4 when I thought it was time to eat. I think I’m going to learn a lot from this!

None of these people went on a diet. Every single one of them started tracking and changing just ONE thing at a time. So proud. And so happy to know that it is 100% possible for each and every one of you, too!

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