580: Change Maker Part 2: Alignment & Positive Affirmations

Apr 1, 2019

Do positive affirmations really work or are they just wishful thinking? Simple answer: it depends on you.

Yesterday, we kicked off this Change Maker series on the podcast with Part 1 on awareness. Today, we’re tackling the second pillar of change: alignment.

Alignment is about making sure that your intentions (what you want) and your attention (what you’re focused on) are in sync. When they aren’t in sync, you will experience excuses & inconsistency.

While there are many tools we use within the 12 Weeks to Transformation to create alignment, one of the simplest and most effective (when done right) include positive affirmations. In fact, I just did an episode about how affirmations related to money have been changing the game for me lately.

Here are a couple of my favorite affirmations and you can hear more in episode 577.

Fear is a liar because I am in control.

I create the results I want.


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