Don’t Trade A Great Life For A Fun Party

by | Apr 27, 2018 | Blog

Don’t trade a great life for a fun party…

Kinda sounds like advice you might give to a teenager about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, right? I think it’s way more valuable than that.

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I’m part of a group called the Primal Potential Masters Club – a brilliant collection of men & women who have been part of the Primal Potential community for a long time. Checking in with this group is a highlight of my day, every day.

Last week, someone in the group posted that quote:

Don’t trade a great life for a fun party.

Man, I wish I had that mantra in my life as a teenager and into my twenties. I justified every single holiday, every party, every food-focused event as a reason to indulge.

In fact, though I was one of the only people in my family with a weight problem, we had a funny family saying:

It’s {insert holiday name here}! Eat like a pig!

It’s Christmas! Eat like a pig!

It’s your birthday! Eat like a pig!

It’s Mother’s Day! Eat like a pig!

We were poking fun at ourselves in saying it, but the intention was clear: there’s always a reason to justify overindulging.

I was trading a great life for a great party.

In eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it, I created a reality I hated.

I was obese. I was miserable. I lacked confidence and vitality.

Over time, through practice, my perspective changed. My considerations have changed.

If I say yes to this, what am I saying no to?

Will I be glad I made this choice?

Is it worth it?

Keep this in mind, friends! Don’t trade a great life for a fun party!

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