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by | Jul 31, 2018 | Blog

The other day I announced that I’m starting a new blog series. Make sure you read what it is and why I’m doing it. Seriously – that part is important. It will take you 30 second. Read it now if you haven’t already.

My goal is to see just how amazing I can feel if I do everything as close to “best for me” as possible.

If you’d rather listen to this blog than read it, please click here. Otherwise, keep reading below. 

It’s the last day of the month – not just any month, but my favorite month of the year. July is the first full month of summer, my birthday month and more recently, the anniversary month of Primal Potential!

I took a few minutes to reflect on the great things that have happened this month. I’d love for you to do the same.

Instead of thinking about how fast the time went by or what you didn’t do or what challenges came up – what was great? What was good? What did you accomplish? What were some of the highlights?

Some of the great moments for me include:

  • Scheduling a retreat with the Primal Potential Masters Club
  • Celebrating my birthday with my mom & sister
  • Spending lots of time at the beach house
  • Completing a big training that was important to me
  • Completing the first draft of my book
  • Spending quality time with one of my girlfriends
  • Going swimming in the rain
  • Hitting a couple PRs in the gym
  • Getting the results of my microbiome assessment

It’s so easy to rush from moment to moment. Pause for a few minutes today to really dwell on the good moments, whether they are big or small.

Today is a super busy and abnormal day. I drove up to Maine last night because I have an appointment not far from there this afternoon. No doubt my “routine” will look quite different!

4:45am: Rise and shine! Stretching, journaling and meditation

5:15 – 8:30am: Work and coffee

8:30 – 9am: Breakfast with my mom and her husband

I only had about 1/2 cup of the broccoli/cauliflower/steak scramble she made. I was a little hungry, so I had a little fuel. We’re headed out to lunch later so I wanted to keep it small.

9 – 11am: Work & shower (showering and getting dressed usually takes me no more than 15 minutes. The only makeup I wear routinely is mascara). Plus, I had a bottle of Kevita Lemon Cayenne “kombucha”. My mom heard me mention it in a podcast so she had it for me when I got up to the beach last night! So sweet! Nutrition facts are in my Instagram story (if you’re seeing this within 24 hours)

11 – 3pm: Errands, lunch with mom and personal appointment

We stopped at one of my favorite restaurants in Portsmouth, NH – BRGR Bar – and I had a shaved brussels sprout salad with blackened mahi mahi. It was delish!

3 – 7pm: Driving back down to Cape Cod – all the traffic! I drank about a liter of water along the way.

7 – 8pm: Work and food – dinner tonight was pepperoni. Yup. True. It was in the fridge and the traffic threw me off my dinner game but it’s all good!

8 – 9:30pm: Live webinar with my Primal Potential Masters Club


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