How Amazing Can I Feel?

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Blog

Hi! Guess what? Today I’m kicking off a new series on the blog called, “How Amazing”.

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This idea came to me about an hour ago while I was warming up for my workout. Per usual, I got to the gym about 20 minutes before my workout so I could do some mobility & stretching. As I finished up my workout I thought, I wonder just how amazing I could feel if I did absolutely everything right.

How amazing could I feel if I did everything right with my training?

How amazing could I feel if I did everything right with my hydration?

How amazing could I feel if I did everything right with my nutrition?

Mindset? Sleep? Meditation? Journaling?

While I know perfection isn’t possible, there’s certainly a lot of room between perfection and where I am now that I can explore.

Just how amazing could I feel? How much happier would I be? How much better would I sleep? How much less stress or negativity would I have in my life?

Why not try?

So, I am. I don’t know if this will be a week long blog series or a month, but I know I’m starting today and I’ll post daily.

I intend to share when I wake up, how I spend my time, when I stretch, meditate and workout, what I eat, and surely much more.

The goal here isn’t to suggest that my way is the right way. It’s certainly not the only way. And how I structure my days certainly would only work for me. But I think this is something we can all benefit from pursuing.

How amazing can you feel?

Why not try?

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