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by | Aug 6, 2018 | Blog

I believe that it is within our power to feel amazing every day. Yes, things will happen that are outside our control. Maybe you get rear ended on your way to work or your air conditioner dies. Maybe someone close to you hurts you. All those things will happen. Worse things will happen. Smaller annoyances will occur. And still, it is within your power to feel amazing every day. Through your attitude, perspective, sleep, food choices, and so much more, you can make each day amazing.

A couple weeks ago, I shared that for some undefined period of time, I’ll be sharing with you what that looks like for me each day.

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Yesterday I sent an email to the Primal Potential VIP list. It was short and simple. It said,

Do you know how amazing you could feel?

Do you know how awesome you would feel if you were consistently optimizing every area of your life?

Why not?

I got an email in response that says, “Why do you make the assumption we don’t know? Why don’t you give your readers the benefit of the doubt?

Great questions.

First, to be clear, I didn’t make any assumption; I simply asked questions. Folks who listen to the podcast know that I’m a huge believer in the power of questions. I value the questions a whole lot more than I value the answers.

I am fully aware that someone can say, “Yes! I do know how amazing I can feel!!” Awesome!

Even in that case, we’re never too good to be better!

I also know that some people don’t know how amazing they can feel and I want them to start thinking about what they can do today to create that feeling.

Some people might know how great they can feel, but they aren’t doing the work.

I want to get everyone in all categories thinking about how they can make every day a great day.

If you know how amazing you can feel, there’s opportunity for you.

If you don’t know how amazing you can feel, there’s opportunity for you.

No assumptions, just questions and opportunities.

While I absolutely give myself the benefit of the doubt and I’m absolutely proud of how far I’ve come, the truth for me is I don’t think I know how amazing I can feel. I’m still learning. I’m still getting better every single day and I work to encourage myself to keep getting better.

My favorite mug is the one that says, “wildly curious about my potential & fiercely determined to create it.”

It’s not a critical perspective. It doesn’t reflect doubt. It’s not negative in any way. I personally want to continue to get better and better and I find that exciting.

I respect that not everyone feels the same way, but all I can do is share my thoughts from my perspective.

That’s all I have to say today.

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