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I believe that it is within our power to feel amazing every day. Yes, things will happen that are outside our control. Maybe you get rear ended on your way to work or your air conditioner dies. Maybe someone close to you hurts you. All those things will happen. Worse things will happen. Smaller annoyances will occur. And still, it is within your power to feel amazing every day. Through your attitude, perspective, sleep, food choices, and so much more, you can make each day amazing.

A couple weeks ago, I shared that for some undefined period of time, I’ll be sharing with you what that looks like for me each day.

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Light tomorrow with today.

I wrote this Elizabeth Barrett Browning quote in my journal this morning. Light tomorrow with today. It reminds me that I have the power to make my life better or worse. I have the power to make my life easier or more difficult. Much of that hinges on the decisions I make today.

Life is so short and I want to make every day as great as it can be. It’s not easy, but it is worth it and it’s always possible.

When my alarm went off this morning, I didn’t want to get up. I wanted to cancel my workout and go back to bed, but I didn’t. The decision had already been made. If I reinforce the habit of renegotiating decisions based on how I feel in a moment, I would rapidly deplete the power of my word and my trust in myself. I refuse to go that way.

I shifted my energy from not wanting to get up to coming up with 3 reasons I want to get up. Remember – we can convince ourselves of anything.

  • I want to get up because I want a cup of coffee.
  • I want to get up because I want to make progress on my book that I believe will have a major impact. People need it! I need to get crackin!
  • I want to get up because this day is a gift! I don’t want to waste it!

Sure, I could convince myself that I don’t want to get up. That I’m tired. That it’s too early. That I don’t want to work out. But I can also convince myself of something very different.

I carried that practice with me all day. Instead of thinking that I didn’t want to stop my work to go to the gym, I listed 3 reasons I do want to go to the gym.

  1. I always feel significantly happier after a workout.
  2. I want to become a better athlete.
  3. I don’t want to take for granted the fact that I can workout. My body is able and that’s not something I’ll take for granted.

Today’s workout was a fast one but definitely a challenge! Intensity is what you make it and today I brought my best effort for twelve 100 meter sprints. The first 6 sprints included carrying a 25 lb wreck bag and the 2nd 6 sprints didn’t include any added weight. Whew!

I practiced this perspective with food choices, too. Yes, I wanted something sweet. I wanted a cocktail. I thought about 3 reasons why I want to eat clean & take impeccable care of my body.

  1. Eating well feels infinitely better than not eating well.
  2. Consistency matters to me.
  3. I want to be someone who takes impeccable care of myself every day.

Brunch was very easy and super delicious. I mixed a can of wild caught salmon (from Thrive Market) with some Chipotle Lime Mayo (from Thrive Market) and included a slice of bacon, some tomatoes and hemp hearts (from Thrive Market). See a pattern here? I had that delish mixture on top of cauliflower rice.

I grilled a steak for dinner and made a “risotto” of sorts with cauliflower rice, goat cheese, tomatoes, garlic and basil. This meal basically reminded me that I’m winning at life. 🙂

Make yourself proud today, okay friend? Life is short and you deserve your best.

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