How Amazing 8.8.18

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I believe that it is within our power to feel amazing every day. Yes, things will happen that are outside our control. Maybe you get rear ended on your way to work or your air conditioner dies. Maybe someone close to you hurts you. All those things will happen. Worse things will happen. Smaller annoyances will occur. And still, it is within your power to feel amazing every day. Through your attitude, perspective, sleep, food choices, and so much more, you can make each day amazing.

A couple weeks ago, I shared that for some undefined period of time, I’ll be sharing with you what that looks like for me each day.

Today, feeling as amazing as possible included a couple things that aren’t quite the norm:

  1. A breakfast burrito (on a Nuco coconut wrap)
  2. A nap

The nap is definitely the most unusual of the two. Generally speaking, I’m not a napper. Though I believe in the power of naps, I’d rather be super tired for an early bedtime than get a nap in during the day. But, today called for a nap.

I woke up naturally around 4am ready to take on the day. I hopped out of bed and worked for a couple hours before a 6am physical therapy appointment followed by a 7am workout. It was the first of two workouts and the second was around 3pm. An early bedtime isn’t an option tonight because I have an 8pm video chat with my Primal Potential Masters Club and it takes me a while to wind down after the energy of that group.

Since I’m not here to fight against myself but rather to be militantly on my own side and take impeccable care of myself, I took a 40 minute nap this afternoon and it was GLORIOUS. Naps aren’t lazy, friend, when you truly need the rest. But let’s all be honest with ourselves…there’s a difference between being tired because you’re doing all the things and being tired because you’re not taking good care of yourself. Ya hear me? Eat clean. Drink water. Move your body. Go to bed earlier. Then, when needed, nap.

My morning workout was a repeat fit test.

90 seconds max calories on the assault bike

90 seconds max calories on the erg rower

90 seconds max burpees

3 min rest between each

My afternoon workout was hot as hell. I think I need to focus on drinking more water in this heat. After a solo warm-up and a group warm-up, we did a 10 minute EMOM: 2 overhead squats every minute on the minute for 10 minutes followed by 4 rounds for time of a 200m run and 25 air squats. Hot. Sweaty. Done.

Shall we re-visit the breakfast burrito and how it was part of making today amazing?

I’m not usually at the gym first thing in the morning, except on days when I workout twice. There’s this great coffee shop down the road with killer breakfast burritos but I don’t want to eat a flour tortilla. So, I got it to go and when I got home, I swapped out the flour tortilla for a Nuco Coconut wrap from Thrive Market! Totally hit the spot. I’m not a big breakfast eater but with two workouts and an extra early morning, it totally did the job.

This “How Amazing” blog series has been going on for a couple weeks now and I’d love for you to share with me how you are making your days amazing! I want to hear it! Leave a comment and share some of your strategies!

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