What’s the deal with positive affirmations? Do they even work? And is journaling REALLY effective in helping you make better choices? How do I change my relationship with food? We’re diving into these questions and more in today’s episode of the podcast! Don’t miss it!

Questions Addressed on Today’s Episode

  • How to break patterns from childhood
  • How is journaling useful and what is it used for?
  • Can you share more info around affirmations and journaling?
  • Do you have a must read book list?
  • What is your driving force?
  • I’d love for you to talk about how to manage stress without overeating or drinking too much
  • How do I live in the moment?
  • What is your favorite chapter in Chasing Cupcakes?
  • How do I improve my relationship with food?
  • How do I change my beliefs in myself?


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