How to Get Motivated Today

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Blog

Do you need to get motivated? Are you struggling with motivation and feel like change would be so much easier if you could just get & stay motivated? I’ve totally got you covered!

This past Wednesday, I wasn’t feeling motivated at all. It was one of those days when I just wanted to sit around and do nothing, but I needed to get a lot of stuff done. I quickly shifted my thoughts from, “Ugh, I’m not motivated today” to “How can I fire up my motivation?

I pulled up a webinar from a couple years ago that was all about how to get motivated and I sat there like a student, watching it and putting myself through the paces.

At the start of the training, I shared this idea from Brendon Burchard’s book The Motivation Manifesto.

He explains that motivation is a lot like fire. Though you have fire when you strike a match, the fire only last a few seconds unless you do something with it. That spark of motivation won’t last either…unless you DO something with it.

Burchard describes 3 essential phases of motivation.




When we think about motivation, most of us only consider the spark – those moments when we feel really inspired and amped up. Then, when the spark fizzles, we feel less powerful and bemoan the fact that we aren’t motivated.

As we take a closer look at each of those phases, it’s super easy to see where we need to put our effort to create that motivational fire and keep it burning strong.

Spark: Ambition + Expectancy

Sustain: Attention + Effort

Amplify: Attitude + Environment

Last Wednesday, when I wasn’t motivated to get my work done, I could see that my effort and my attitude were the areas I needed to improve, so I got to work.

First: I changed my attitude from, “Ugh, I’m not motivated!” to “I am going to feel SO accomplished when I get this one thing done! I’m just a few minutes away from progress.

Then, I applied some effort and it made all the difference. I set the timer on my phone for 35 minutes and banged it out.

Those two shifts broke me out of my funk.

Where Does Motivation Fall Through the Cracks?

When we look at those elements: ambition, expectancy, attention, effort, attitude and environment, there are a few common areas where motivation falls flat.

The ambition part is easy – we want to improve. We know the goal. But do we expect to achieve it? Do you expect to achieve it? Do you expect to be successful?

Or are you expecting to struggle or fail?

Expectancy might be your area for improvement.

Most of us are fairly solid on the attention piece. We know what we want and we think about it often. We plan, strategize and keep it top of mind.

But how about effort? Are you applying yourself? Doing the work?

Effort might be the very piece of the puzzle that needs your time and energy.

Attitude and environment almost always have room for improvement.

Does your attitude suck? Are you being negative? Complaining? Focusing on your limitations?

Are you surrounding yourself with other complainers? Is your physical space chaotic?

How You Can Get Motivated Today

Look at those elements of motivation and be honest about where you need to create an improvement. Go through each one and identify where you’re dropping the ball or where you need to apply some energy. Assess where you stand on each of them.







Where can you create a change right now?

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