How To Know If Food Isn’t Your Problem

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Blog

I have a hunch that food isn’t your problem. Sure, over-eating or over-indulging might be. But that probably isn’t a food problem…Let me explain…

If I ask you, “what derails your fat loss progress?” you’re likely to give me answers like: stress, social situations, lack of time and emotional eating. I know this because I’ve asked you and you’ve told me so. I know this because I get hundreds and hundreds of emails from people expressing their frustration that they know what they should do and they really want results but in the moment they say “screw it!” and make a different choice. Can you relate to that? I sure can!

And yet….even though it’s the emotional and situational stuff that keeps us from being successful, people are drawn to quick fixes and magic bullets. Why??? Does that eliminate what holds you back? No way! Does knowing what the “Top 10 Foods For Fat Loss” are keep you from OD’ing on pizza and beer or ice cream and chocolate after a bad day? Um, here’s a hint: no.

Does the latest low carb trend prevent you from treating weekends like holidays? Nope.

So then WHY do we waste so much time, energy and effort buying diet plans & programs??

Guys: if you want lasting success you have to first identify what keeps you from being successful. When you have a plan, what is it that pulls you off course? When everything is going well, what are the factors that contribute to slip-ups or days off? THAT is what you have to tackle.

Because I asked you and spent weeks studying your hundreds of responses, I know the top struggles include:

  • fear of failure
  • doubt
  • lack of motivation
  • inconsistent “willpower”
  • difficulty turning down temptation
  • social sabotage
  • negative self talk (I’m fat, I’ll always be fat, I have no self-control, etc)

I want you to be successful. I really, really, really want that for you. I hope you trust and believe me when I say that. For that reason, it frustrates the hell out of me when people will identify one problem and then spend all their time, energy & effort trying to solve a different one that isn’t actually the problem. Ugh!!!

We’re so used to food rules, restriction and deprivation. I get it. It feels familiar. It’s what the diet industry tells us we need. BUT GUYS!!!!! IT DOESN’T WORK!!!

Let me try to prove it to you with a few true/false questions.

True or False: You often know what you should eat but make a different choice in a moment of temptation.

True or False: Stress, frustration, boredom, fatigue and/or loneliness influence your food choices.

True or False: You struggle to maintain motivation consistently.

True or False: You have managed to lose weight but you struggle to keep it off and find yourself regularly yo-yo’ing.

If you answered true to two or more, I really think you’re going to need to tackle the mindset side of things if you want lasting success. If I have you even the slightest bit curious at this point, please take a few minutes to watch this video.

Or skip the video and decide to help yourself and let me help you by figuring out how to overcome what ACTUALLY holds you back so you can stop doing the same thing over and over and getting the same exact result. Here’s the link:

The Primal Potential Podcast

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