“I Can’t Seem To Do It”

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Blog

Yesterday, I posted one of the things I believe in most on Instagram. It said:

People are so busy connecting to the problems of their past that they cannot see the potential of their present or the possibilities in their future.

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We get so worked up about past patterns.

We focus on frustration and disappointment about what we did or failed to do.

We argue for our limitations and project past problems onto present moments.

In response to that post, someone on Instagram sent me a direct message that said:

That’s me. In hell.

That’s not the first message I’ve received from this person and her messages have a theme: THE PROBLEM. You might think, well of course people share their problems with you, Elizabeth. That’s why you’re here. Nope. Not so. I help people find solutions. I don’t give them solutions. I help them act on the solutions they’re seeking.

But that’s the rub – they have to be seeking solutions. That’s very different from clinging to a problem.

I responded as I have several times before.

YOU are in control. You can change, but you have to want to be the change.

She said: I do want to change but I can’t seem to do it.

Yes, you can. But you’re so busy focusing on the problem that you can’t see what is right in front of you:

One good choice.

You are always capable of one good choice. One great choice, even. One choice that makes now better than before.

You simply can’t see that when you’re too busy arguing for the problem and being a victim of the past.

You aren’t a victim of your own choices.

Remember that Rumi quote? Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?

Have you ever been in a bad mood and someone was trying to cheer you up but you didn’t want them to? You wouldn’t let them?

You wanted to stay in a bad mood. It didn’t feel good, but you didn’t want to shift your energy away from the problem.

This happens all the time with change. There is an easy way to make an improvement in this moment or in your next choice, but you simply don’t want to. You hate the problem but you don’t want to do the work to create change.

You don’t want to shift your energy away from the problem and to the solution.

And that’s okay. But stop putting negative energy into how badly it sucks.

You are where you are by choice.

You can be somewhere else by choice.

When you’re ready to choose to be somewhere else, you can start with these questions.

What can you do to win the day?

You are capable of one great choice – what will it be?

What can you do to make today better than yesterday?

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